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ahh! a snake!

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been wanting to try out a Metal Gear solid piece for a while now, was a big fan of the game :)

wasn't really feeling the piece until I tried adding the "!" then things fell right into place

EDIT: because you guys are pretty, and I like you, I've updated this as wallpaper res :p
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What the enemy thought “too easy” what ended up happening “what the fuck he teleports when smoking shit” Snake appears inside “throats slit”
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Snake, the bane of every Metal Gear ever made. :) (Smile) 
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Yay! I'm so glad I found the origin of this! I randomly found this a few days ago browsing Google Images and now it's my desktop background. Beautiful work!
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This is too EPIC! Congratulations!
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I saw this wonderful piece at FanExpo and would have bought a print if there was a poster sized one available!

By the way, I've sadly seen this stolen on Redbubble a few times:………

I tried emailing them about it, but got a form response directing me here:…

It's so sad to see others stealing your art and profiting from it.  And distorting it in the process too!
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Hey, thanks for the tip- unfortunately stuff like this happens pretty often on the internet, and you can't really get too bent out of shape about it, I messaged him as well, if he doesn't take it down I'll follow up with redbubble and get his entire store removed. 

really appreciate you bringing this to my attention, cheers mate
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Just perfect! Sorry for the late comment!
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What did you use to make this?  ITs so cool
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wow if only this happened in the game! This piece is amazing, I love it!
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Epic on all scales
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Sorry, had to do this. :P
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the exclamation mark sells it
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Nice work! Big fan of the franchise too!
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Hah, this is really great and awesome, nice work with this Chasing :)
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Ow, nice work, like the style!
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My new wallpaper lol
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"Why did it have to be snakes?"
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I'd love to see a take on the Kojima Fox
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