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Zelda: Link Reforged

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• It is rumoured that Link is powered by and artifact known as the "Fourth piece"
• Regardless of the attack strength, Link can only be hit a set number of times before his heart meter depletes.  
• Terrified of chickens. Reason Unknown.

Dark link has booted up as well:
Zelda: Dark Link by ChasingArtwork

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How does it work in water??? Cause if Hyrule adventures are known for anything, it's water-based dungeons!

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SchoenstuffjrNew Deviant


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Vyctorian Digital Artist
This is badass, excellent work ^^
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VerataiHobbyist Artist
 this is  really cool :3
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awsome but jow the hell can he breath in that
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It's a machine, not Link himself.
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this is amazing
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NuvaPrimeStudent General Artist
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gmcdade85Student Digital Artist
super dope love how you incorporated the health bar
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hannibus42Student Writer
And i know I'll get hate for this...........but they should bring fi back! I found her info very helpful at times
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hannibus42Student Writer
The game would take place in that same timeline, but centuries later, where hyrule has combined magic with science and engineering, to create a half fantasy half steampunk-ish world!
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ChasingArtworkProfessional Digital Artist
i was thinking alt dimension- Gannon opens a portal between the two, then link has to fight off robotic versions of his worst enemies, until Robo Link shows up and helps him out :) 
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hannibus42Student Writer
Oh that'd be so freaking Awsome!
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hannibus42Student Writer
Gannon and Mecha Gannon VS Link and Mecha Link!
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hannibus42Student Writer
And what do you think about fi?
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hannibus42Student Writer
And the fairies could look like tiny quadcoptors!
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hannibus42Student Writer
Like the magic armor from twilight princess
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hannibus42Student Writer
Dude they should include this as a a buy able armor set in the next zelda game!
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Awesome Clap 
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TheGreyNinjaProfessional Digital Artist
sick. really dig that heart LED display :]
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How can u get a canvas picture of this?
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Your artwork is amazing, if I may ask what is your background in art? 
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julian0123Hobbyist Writer
Awesome :D
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WaffleSock50Student Traditional Artist
lol, "Terrified of chickens. Reason Unknown." XD
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