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Would you like to Restart?

Poor ol megaman had a rough level...
He'll be up an at'em before you know it. 

Also, if you're into Instagram, I'm there, posting much more sketchy/rough versions of pieces prior to posting the final here on DA, Follow me @ CHASINGARTWORK
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"'Like' isn't quite the word.

Doctor... this is getting humiliating. That last robot defeated me with a shower of falling leaves! Are you sure you don't have something else to hold the line while I get a major upgrade?"

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love the tubes!!
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Dude, this is just... Simply awesome!
Keep it up! :thumbsup:
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Me right now.. *wzik*
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Imagine if this was a GAME OVER screen ?
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Mega man, please join forces with Sonic and over throw Nintendo
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Meanwhile, in Capcom's basement...
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this is what capcom is doing to to megaman
Cubix-fan-1999's avatar
*shakes head nervously* 
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Especially with that movie
I saw at the Calgary Expo one year that you had a layered version of this with a light built into it. How much would it cost to custom order one?
I know it's sad picture, but... why all these pictures of dismantled robots/blueprints are so... attractive for me? it almost makes me horny.
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i think it was more then rough
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This is amazing. Awesome job. Love the dark technology theme.
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Yeah, he's just a robot, we can rebuild him later. It doesn't matter if he's injured...or dying...

XD Great work! 
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Reploids are more than just robots 
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Yes, restart program this time, install Utlimate Armor and upload Buster and Jumper chips. X Advance!
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