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Wolverine Hunting

I've always been a big fan of the wolverine character (bonus for being canadian) and never found Cyclops especially interesting... But in my mind, if these two were to duke it out- wolverine would be a smoldering skeleton in 5sec flat. I mean, the guy just has to LOOK at him. kaboom. over-town.

thats just me.
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Please don't tell me they're still mad over what happened with Jean!

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I'm sure some part of him would enjoy that. 
Can I order one of these? I was at your booth at Emerald City Comic-Con but didn't see this option =( Incredible talent!!!
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That's gonna cost you, bub.
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When I see a scene like this or whenever someone talks about Cyclops's power, I think about a scene in an "Extraordinary X-men" comic I read a few years back.  Scott and Logan were fighting someone and they were getting overwhelmed and Scott was getting angry so he told Logan to hit the ground, then he took off his visor. The next scene was all white with red edges around the frame. The scene after that was just straight decimation, nothing was left standing. Logan even said every once in awhile Scott reminds him why its HE who runs the X-men. 
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Argh, great work but at "the end of the day" we all know who has the biggest "boaby"
~~Captain Here~~
Actually, nothing would smolder. Cyclops's beams are 100% Kinetic, my friend, Kind of like getting punched really hard. There is no heat in the beam whatsoever, But let's not discredit the fantastic art though, seriously. Incredible! I love the very stark contrast between the black and white with the vibrant reds accent the piece, LOVE the way that you depicted Cyclops. the whole thing as whole has this kind of Bushido feel to it, minus the bamboo thicket of course haha. You have tremendous talent.
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That really depends on continuity...but you are correct the prime timeline uses that.
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Then he would heal, and the cycle continues lol! Great work!
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*lol* I don't care who would win the fight; this picture is radsauce. :clap:
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WOW!!!! epic Clap 
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Oh that great one!Good job. I will take it ;)
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That's actually interesting, in one story arc where Xavier was killed the world went to hell with Apocalypse having taken over sooner then expected since the timeline was altered. In that story Cyclops, and Wolverine had fought each other. Cyclops lost an eye, wolverine lost a hand.  So I guess it stands to reason Cyclops 'could' kill wolverine, despite healing factor. Oops! 
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This one is the best one for me.
Dude, you are beyond "awesomeness" definition.
Vector is stuff directly from satan and you mastered it. You are a legend.
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I always wondered why the Hulk or other super strong person didn't just pull Logan's arms off.  It's not like his ligaments are unbreakable, just the bones.
There was a series "Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk" where? at the very beginning, Hulk ripped Wolverine in a half & threw out his legs far away. And, while Logan scrambled through the mountains to his leg, he tells the story of their conflict. Eventually he found his bottom half and regenerated. So that, killing Wolverine is a work more harder than to pull his bodyparts off.
but wolverine would keep coming back
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Whaaaaa, this is so epic
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I used to love cyclops' design when I was a kid. Hell, I still do. The character himself, however, is kind of "meh".
Brilliant picture lol, Love it.
Im a Wolverine fan as well ... and Canadian lol
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