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Violent + Violet.


Was feeling the need to fulfil my "pretty, abstract art" quota.

My art quotas include:
• pretty, abstract art
• battle damaged robots
• "that little person is going to get killed by that massive beastie" art

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Oh man, it is such a crime to not post great arts like this in high resolution(
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This is great! love the lines O_O
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If this were more... scarlet than violet then this could totally be a re-imagining of the Scarlet Witch.  She isn't a melee combatant. She is a wisp, a dangerous mind-bending dangerous wisp.  She has pushed herself and her abilities to the edge, and beyond. She isn't completely rooted to this world/existence/plane anymore.  Her entire being swirls, spins, and flickers in and out of sight as reality flows around and through her like a flame.  Despite her lack of physical being her powers are more formidable than ever.  In fact, her beloved brother, quicksilver, is the only being in existence she can tolerate for long periods of time, or at all.
Will this ever be up on Society 6?
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This is beautiful.. This is awsm.. cool... I wish I could create something like this.....
Lovely, yet simple :)
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Loved your quotas...
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This is beautiful.
There is beauty in simplicity.
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Saw this on GalaxyMusic, and it was so stunning I had to find you. Keep up the good work!!
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this is one of those drawings when everything looks so simple, but so epic at the same time. Good jobe!
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Simply epic indeed.
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can you make something like this except its like howls moving castle?
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Such enchantement
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Great combination ;)
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WOW! that has an awesome beautiful effect in her dress how did you do that?
I would like to know also! It's amazing!
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like to know what ? and yea 
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I love it, I used it as my pc's background.
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Nice sculpting. Love the use of the negative space.
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I'm really impressed. :)
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