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The Auto Avengers

Final Lineup for the good guys of the Auto Avenger Series :) 
Will be making another assembly, once all the Villains are completed,

If you're interested in anyone's specific backstory / stats, check out the original character posts:
Auto Avenger: Captain America by ChasingArtworkAuto Avenger: Hawkeye by ChasingArtworkAuto Avenger: Doom by ChasingArtworkAuto Avengers: Thor by ChasingArtworkAuto Avengers: Loki by ChasingArtworkAuto Avengers: Hulk by ChasingArtwork <da:thumb id="356691440">

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I think Ultron finally took over.
Devil-Mech-Irons's avatar
The Avengers have become robots... sh*t just got real.
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My top 2 fandoms in one? Awesome! :D
Do you know your draws are on tee shirt ?
Rameses213's avatar
The perfect designs for Transformers
I dont understand how to buy images on this site... Someone help me?...For example I would like to buy this image in vector...
VictoriaAscencio's avatar
Some images are available, others don't. It depends on the artist.
LostAmongDreams's avatar
Mind: :explosion: remake Think you could make Black Widow robot?
This looks sooooo cool!!! :D
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I love this! You seamlessly combined two of my favorite things: The Avengers, and awesome butt-kicking robots. ^^ 
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Your work is absolutely amazing!!!! Love you sammy 
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I love all of your artwork especially the robot versions of the superheroes. now that you've done the Avengers have you ever thought about doing the Justice League because you already have Batman.
Dragonjek's avatar
No Black Widow?
Chibichow's avatar
YES!! This is amazing! ;D
SirinaRuth's avatar
Why no Black Widow?
kaze5115's avatar
Sooo. Umm. If the lore with Iron Man is correct.... When and/or why did he join the Avengers? 
I know that was some time ago but these mechs. Well. The opened my interrest quite a lot!
DiscoComputer's avatar
the design of iron man reminds me to "Quintus Prime", the first prime in cybertron and the creator of the quintessons
shatteredglasscomic's avatar
Wow! Just stumbled on this, an it's awesome!!!!! :) (Smile) :) (Smile) Clap Clap :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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The-Future1's avatar
Where's black widow?
dlthelegend's avatar
Wow. This is amazing. I really like the concept!!!

OH. Will it okay to use your concepts on a roleplay I'm making, I'll direct everything back to you if you allow.
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