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Star Map

Conceptual warmup 
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Can anyone here translate gallifreyen?

Hi there, I'm looking for nice art work which I can hopefully use as the cover of a book I intend to self publish in the near future. Could we perhaps have a chat about mutual requirements?

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this would look AMAZING as a spine tattoo, with the rest of the map spreading out over the entire back and shoulders
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So I am no where near done with it, but would you let me use this for the cover of a book I am writing? The book starts off with a stolen star map so this fits perfectly. Totally willing to work out some sort of commission too.
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may I use this for my phone background?
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Good warmup... Digging the yellow/orange glow! 😍
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is this a map of our galaxy?
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I wonder if that's how the Gallifreyian writing system developed, from orbital maps? 
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Alright. This is just plain cool. Well done!
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Fantastic looks Gallifreyan and a touch stargate love it.
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looks almost both :)
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Aye love the merging and detail well done.
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Reminds me of Galiifreyan writing from Doctor Who
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Reminds me of Treasure Planet for some reason, but it's beautiful <3
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This is awesome!!!
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Dude, this is blowing my mind with the idea and it's layout. This star map looks amazing!
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this is absolutely gorgeous, i feel so drawn to it
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