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Smok'n Sword Burgers


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The foot trail up to the restaurant is steep and uneven- but the food is well worth the trek!
Our burgers are freshly prepared and cooked to perfection in the the core of an ancient mecha Knight. Gives our burgers a smokey and honourable flavour that can't be beat! 

Home CUT Special!: chop a load of wood for our stoves and get a free side of garlic fries with any order!
(Smok'n Sword Burgers is not responsible for any injury or loss of digits while participating in this special offer) 

This piece is also available on my store!
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esto es hermoso. es como estar en mi mundo de fantasía.

Oh my lordy this is so flippin cool!!

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Amazing work 💯

Fantastic detail and imagination.

aborkowskigraphics's avatar

Looks amazing! Well done!

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Those colors are just AMAZING

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bro why aren't these shows yet
ChasingArtwork's avatar

im ready to pitch!

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I'll take two Double Quarter Pounders ketchup only, a large Sprite no ice, small fries, and a hot fudge sundae.

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Who the heck builds a snack shack inside of a rusted, defeated war machine?

...Don't care. I'll take a quarter pounder with cheese, and hold the pickles.

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Free power :) until it wakes up.

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Until it.......what now?

ChasingArtwork's avatar

was what I was going for :)

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Say, what's the menu on the restaurant?

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lots of burgers, subs, milkshakes, various types of french fries and beer :)

This is so cute. I love it.

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I imagine the heath inspector might have some issues with all the rust and dried blood. lol

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So beautiful and imaginative

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