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and sometimes, for whatever reason, the paypal button doesn't give the option to choose your prints. If this is the case, just follow your order up with a note or email ( with your selection, otherwise I will come after you and find out what you want :)

Purchase here: [link]

Print Sale!!!
The con season is finished! and I thought I would throw a bit of an off-season Sale for those of you I don't get to meet at shows. To purchase, all you need to do is head over to my blog, [link] select how many prints you would like (the more you buy, the cheaper) hit the Buy Now button, and once the Paypal site comes up, there will be a special instructions form you can fill out- please let me know:
• The Prints you would like
• Your Name
• Address
• Email
• Special Instructions (draw a pony on the envelope, etc)

I will ship your prints via magical owl a day or two after your purchase, and they will be there in a couple of days! (depending where your located)
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would really like to be able to buy the "Eva" print
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Hey, do you ship to Germany? :)
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I don't suppose you have any prints that are free to a good home?
I'll trade you a handknitted mario mushroom?


I mean, uh.... it's fun to throw at people?
ChasingArtwork's avatar
lol, not today :S
next time tho
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Next time I'll probabley just buy one though because I won't have spent all my money on fabric.

Or debs tickets. Or that pocket watch.
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ooo pocket watch, money well spent :)
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It's got those Louis XVI hands! I think, I mean I like timepeices more then the average bear, but I'm not in with all the terminology.
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Pressing "Buy Now" doesn't get me anywhere? :s
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sorry about that, never done anything like this before :S
Postpojke's avatar
No worries, I just completed my purchase! I'll be waiting for the magical owl : )
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haha, got it!
getting it put together now :)

throw me a message when it arrives!
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Hey, I got the print today! Thanks for everyting, It looks even better in person,
now I just have to find the perfect spot to put it on! (:
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Coldfire is so beautiful and amazing! Must. Be. Strong!!!
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What about Shredder's Last Stand?
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why buy this when i can view all its glorious pixels on your account? :D!
cjgibson84's avatar
...because they make awesome art pieces and are a great addition to any room. I have a dozen Chasing Artwork prints in my house and I love absolutely every one!
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T^T SOOO SOOO WISH i could get the Coldfire art ;.; that would be the awesomest ever

and i would totaly get you to draw a pony on the envelope cuz thats just fun xD
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