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Back in the day, I got my hands on Pokemon Blue for the Gameboy Pocket - Which requires four AAA batteries to run (the rarest and most difficult battery to procure) so the more addicted to the game I became, the more batteries I needed to get my fix.

My household was plagued by a mysterious battery thief. Nothing was safe: remotes, toys, scientific calculators.

Best game I had for the Gameboy :)

Dont freak otu! I Decieded I can do both! so I started both a Pacific Rim piece and a Pokemon Piece (as dictated by your votes… )

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Those are some awesome designs.

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This needs to be real.
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Thats Cool Facebook Thumbs Up Icon 
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awesome pic of the Kanto starters:) 
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... I never picked Charmander for some reason or another... and I probably still won't. 
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So you think that Bulbasaur's razor leaf would shoot pieces of metal leaves?
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Nice! This is a quality piece of artwork! If Pokemon were Bionic, this is likely to be what they would look like!

(I would choose Charmander!)
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I can't tell whether it's cute or awesome.
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Really cool designs
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Incredible picture :wow:
Tha design is pretty cool :D :iconfavbomb-plz:
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BULBASAUR! Happy Bulbasaur Bulbasaur la plz Bulbasaur 
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They're all so cute, I Want Squritle.
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Wow, what program do u use?
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Do u realize you're the only one who has made robot pokemon?
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I love the Charmander!
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Dude this stuff is AMAZING!!! AWESOME JOB!!!
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I choose robo-squirtle
supermarionifty4's avatar
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