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February 16, 2011
Bringing clarity to vector chaos with this uniquely styled scene: Kella by ~ChaseJC. Dark, gloomy and a treat for the vector artists eyes. Always good seeing such a unique way of rendering. Bravo!
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lots to say with this one...
First off, this piece was done for a tutorial commission I'm building (finally!)
you all have :iconabbrivi8: to thank that I'm finally putting together a shattered-vector-painting how-to :D
The full tutorial should be up by x-mas!

Karnage's Arkitect: Kella.
Kella and Sonnet used to be the best of friends, a series of unfortunate events turned Kella into a stellar villain (she has Epic plans to destroy the world)

Little something about Kella:
Kella is a rare individual known as an “Arkitect”
Arkitects have the ability to construct and imprint sentient creations known as “Arks”

Kellas Ark, Karnage: [link]

Arks are based on their specific Arkitects imagination and intent. No two are the same. (if another Arkitect attempts to copy/duplicate another ark, the unoriginal ark will be weak, limited, and unable to grow/develop)

Much like an artist and a piece of their artwork, an Ark's performance and personality completely relies on the creators talent, imagination, skill, personality and devotion to their work. Arks tend to evolve along with their Creators.

An Ark's power source is portrayed in a unique colour or glow, that flows through their exoskeleton. Colour depends on the Arkitect. And although colours/arkitects may be similar, there are no exact duplicates.

edit: thanks so much for the DD, and because so many asked, here is how this piece was made: [link]
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This story sounds amazing!! Is it told through your pieces or do you have it written somewhere?