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Justice League: The Flash

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The Flash

♦ Can move, process, and react at light speeds
♦ This is due to a tether (of an unknown type) to a to a external energy-source known only as the "S.F."
♦ Flash is constructed out of lightweight alloy with the ability to withstand/absorb considerable concussive force (his armor will bounce)

♦ His armor is susceptible to piercing attacks
♦ If the flash moves at too high a speed for too long, he will begin to break apart at a molecular level, eventually sustaining heavy damage, or worse.

This piece was commission, and the amazing client wanted me to add that she is very pleased with the end result :) yay!
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Sweet super-speed
ninjab87's avatar
Love this idea please do lantern corps bots next
RottenParrot's avatar
Damn. I was hoping for a Justice Unit type thing.
MageoftheBLC's avatar
I want to see that. 
NobleWolf1990's avatar
Alien technology, Kryptonian robot. I would love to see your vision of Superman.
TheComicCrafter's avatar
Robotic Rogues next? I would love to see a robotic Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, or Captain Cold. Or even Gorilla Grodd!
omniscientrino's avatar
avengers then justice league awesome really love your art 
Ryanator50's avatar
I need to draw those feet!
I won't upload it, just for practice. Wonderful design
jeremy3852's avatar
wow this looks like something out of the new mecha verse DC has been designing for their new moba game. I love it.
comicfreak21's avatar
Can you do an Auto Justice League like the Auto Avengers?
Eclipse350's avatar
this is just one of the many reminders that i extremely SUCK at drawing. THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!
michaelcrutcher's avatar
How long it took 2 do this one?
gordhanx's avatar
Nice! Really like the design, colours, lighting and details.
ccura's avatar
Awesome work!
spartan2spec's avatar
wish you could have integrated the flashes logo. other than that its pretty cool
Kaze-Pup's avatar
Love your work man, great job and I hopefully you go one of Green Lantern and Carnage. I hope I catch you at a convention to get some of the real stuff.
FireDancer16's avatar
God Damn! Talent Bro.
bleach76's avatar
love this pic. would love to see what you could do with some of the other justice league members. your batman one was awesome also. 
RedWingsDragon's avatar
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I missed that one, and he is awesome ! I love the Flash and I really love the way you did this bot. 
You think you could do Nightwing, or Wolverine, or Robin maybe ? 
Hell, do whatever you want, it's great ^^ 
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