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Indigo and Rain

So bit of a fan of that rossdraws guy, his work with colourful light blooms has definitely influenced my own work. Even had the chance to briefly meet him at San Diego last year, happy to report he's also a super nice guy.

He currently has a "draw my characters in your style" challenge going on, and I was always a fan of his Rain & Indigo pieces 🌸🖤. Any excuse to draw pretty girls with lots of blooms.
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This is beautiful. I love all pictures that have to do with yin and yang/light and darkness. Very divine. I love ur work @ChasingArtwork. I wuld love to see more designs like this.

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I love the contrast of colors and how they clash perfectly

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Same @Roesavlon. Contrasting colors always seem to just work u no?

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I love all of your work because it's so cool and your style is so unique, but I especially like this piece. The Indigo girl is my favorite of the two, personally. 😄

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Very cool bit of work.
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I love the shimmering way you've done the colors~!

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that so beautiful, so well done. the colors just blend into one so well i thought it was a single rose before i saw the full view, so gorgeous 
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Beautiful work! I recognized Rain and Indigo instantly, well done!
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