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Gotham Gears: The Joker

The Joker
♦ Utterly Unpredictable
♦ Runs on a damaged energy core, he's constantly leaking radiation that causes other machines to malfunction when in close proximity
♦ Constantly making modifications/adjustments to his build, adding elements of his victims to his own soft & hardware...
(he does this impulsively, regardless of whether or not these souvenirs are an improvement)

♦ Utterly Unpredictable
♦ Monologues

♦ The Joker Gear wears an ancient piece of clothing supposedly worn by the Original Joker.
♦ It's theorized that the Joker gear is in actuallity, a failed attempt to make the original Batman Gear

and of course, check out the rest of the Gotham Gears lineup:

This is it for the Gotham Gears!! (for now) Hope you cats enjoyed :) I've got some other projects to tie up, and then we'll see about getting you a scarecrow and such... :P
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Great series you have created here.
Also happy new year.
Devil-Mech-Irons's avatar
Wait, 'Utterly Unpredictable' is a strength AND a weakness... Yeah, you know everything about the Joker.
SoundWing's avatar
Fantastic! I love the way you portray The Joker!!!
Th3-Mag1c-Man's avatar
This is awesome! Still waiting for Scarecrow doe.
EX-SOLDIESR13's avatar
BlackholeVenus1987's avatar
But this pic is awesome! I loved your idea.
BlackholeVenus1987's avatar
Hus face is actually pretty creepy.
JokerVonDoom's avatar
Very original and awesome design
KyleRobertShultz's avatar
BRILLIANT. My favorite one so far.
sapphirenbb's avatar
WitchPuff's avatar
DUDE I wish I could draw this sweet!
Joker looks amazing and the description is hilariously interesting. 10/10
Vhozz-D-Flux's avatar
It wouldn't be The Joker without that unpredictability - that's half the fun!  
Mr-War's avatar
You should totally make Gotham Gears a show or a game! :D
Zazykat's avatar
i love this style! And i was wondering if maybe sometime you could do the riddler? I was just wondering because he's my favorite character and would love to see him in style :D
ChasingArtwork's avatar
thanks! and someday. 
MageoftheBLC's avatar
He looks creepy, creepier than the original Joker.
MageoftheBLC's avatar
My favorite is the Catwoman Gear
seoul-child's avatar
These are so cool!
DesignbyDalton's avatar
This one is wicked awesome, I love your gotham gears series. Great idea.
holy SH*T!!!
this is amazing!
Karnage1997's avatar
this is monumental, well done fellow fan. 

You do watch Gotham right? If you don't then you should, its...INSANE!
Guildseal's avatar
Oh yeah I absolutely love that one!!!
He looks so epic and cool! Great!!!  Nightmare fredbear eyebrow treatment 
andreaspol16's avatar
This one is my favourite of your gotham gears and auto avengers.You have truly given this bot the personality of the joker,even the stance is implying this!!I really like your works and ideas but this one is just perfect :)
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