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Gotham Gears: Mr Freeze and The Penguin

♦ Extraordinarily long lasting power source- powered by a collection of unique cold-fusions cells. (self designed+integrated)
♦ Emits a extremely cold temperature pulse - most machinery can't function properly if it comes within a close proximity
♦ Superior intelligence

♦ Operating system heavily relies on extremely cold conditions, Freeze can barley function once internal temperature starts approaching zero degrees.
(especially the head unit, requires an enclosed coolant filled dome at all times to ensure constant cold)

♦ Built from a extraordinarily complex arrangement of custom gears and hydraulics- Penguin runs on unknown types of software and hardware.
♦ Invulnerable to any kind of eletrical interference / system hacking ect.
♦ Has a sidekick/butler/kamikaze penguin bot named Sardine

♦ Repairs are extremely difficult to make- every piece needs to be custom built from rare alloys
♦ He actually needs the umbrella, or he'll rust in the rain

also, check out the previous two, Catwoman & Bane:

And Bats!

Next + Final Set: Joker & Batman
EDIT: K, ppl seem distraught that the next set is the final, but if there is this much interest in the series, I will do my best to add more characters after Bats and Joker- I just need to finish off some other projects before I continue past these 6 Gotham Gears- cool beans?
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“Death is cold, Batman.”

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It says Penguins software can't be hacked but what if Joker tried to touch him?
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I rather The Penguin
It feels like the penguin would fit this music…
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penguin: NERHERHERHER!HAV - The Penguin 
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I like how Mr Freeze is much more advanced and seems to have coolant constantly flowing through him while The Penguin is much more steampunk.
TheOldyTimeSteampunk's avatar
Like Me
as you can see by my name
Vhozz-D-Flux's avatar
These details and concepts are golden, dude
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I can always admire a good steampunk fan!
TheOldyTimeSteampunk's avatar
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This doesn't make sense. Mr. Freeze became Mr. Freeze when he fell into a tub of liquid nitrogen. So why isn't hi suit powered by liquid nitrogen?
this is cool(pun intended Mr. Freeze!)
Penguin almost looks coal/steam driven...
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" Invulnerable to any kind of electrical interference / system hacking ect."
is that because Penguin doesn't run on electricity? he looks like an old internal combustion engine.
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Because he is runnig on steam 
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yeah, i figured it was something like that.
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So, is Nora Fries an AI by this point or something? Because without Nora, that Freeze-Bot's like a ticking time bomb, just waiting to explode into a murderous rage.
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Sardine is so cute I wanna hug it ^3^ wait will he kill me?
Gostei desse novo visual dos personagens esses dois são bons vilões.
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I love the penguin in this. He almost looks rather Steam Punkish.
Penguin is one of my favorite from this entire series, somehow.
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Rust in the rain lol
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