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Gotham Gears II: Poison Ivy



Ivy produces a unique, self replicating nano virus within. The nanobot design is a hybrid of her own custom model and an ancient (thought lost) molecule structure known as "Chlorophyll". 

This nano swarm secretes initially as a green liquid, quickly building itself into a spanning networks of tendrils, then vine structures, and eventually more complex constructs. These growths range from harmless spiral petals of colour (purpose unknown) to large, monstrous constructs, complete with defensive/grabbing appendages.
This network of structured nanobot growth is known as her "Garden"

• Ivy's "Garden" directly connects to her main processor- the larger her garden spans, the more powerful her neural net.
• Ivy has a direct link with anything grown from the 
Chlorophyll virus. She is conscious and has full control over her Garden. 
• Ivy is also able to produce a short range collective of nano spores, close proximity has been known to cause certain systems malfunctions, leaving the target susceptible to suggestion. 
• Direct contact is rumoured to cause complete system shutdown. (Ivy refers to this direct contact as a "Kiss")

• If Ivy stays in one location for too long, the neural net/garden becomes too vast and complex, and so she must take root to properly connect. It is very difficult for her to move once this rooting has occurred- if she is forced to uproot, she must completely disconnect from her "Garden". This process is apparently very painful and taxing to Ivy.  
• Ivy, and the Chlorophyll virus needs access to sunlight in order to function- prolonged darkness will eventually render them inert.  
• Ivy is incredibly possessive and protective of Garden, any outside or damage or interference sends her into a blind rage. 
• Without a Garden network, Ivy is unable to focus for long periods of time, becomes disoriented and eventually weak. Very frail when disconnected.

Hope you like her! was going for a Empress/ scary Mother nature/Kerrigan kinda look. Ivy is one of the biggest and baddest in the Gotham Gears universe, and I think she was my fav to design so far. 

For the rest of the series: 
Gotham Gears by ChasingArtwork
Lineup 2 is just Ivy and Scarecrow so far, more on the way. 
Gotham Gears II: Scarecrow by ChasingArtwork

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In man VS nature, nature usually wins. But then again, this is WOman+nature