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Gotham Gears: Batman

Seeing as he's the big guy- I thought I would release him solo (Joker will be released solo as well) I figured this would be a good time to reveal the logo as well, hope ya like.

♦ Prototype construct of unknown origin.
♦ Genius-level intellect, appears highly skilled in Combat/stealth/hacking (full capabilities unknown)
♦Armed with a seemingly endless supply of unknown&advanced weaonry/gadgets

♦ Unknown.

and of course, check out the rest of the Gotham Gears lineup:

Up next! The Joker (He will be the Final Gotham Gear for a while)
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I’d love to see your take on the rest of the Justice League and other villains (or at the very least the rest of The Big Three of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman). Also does this take place in the Auto Avengers or another cataclysmic event that caused it, like Superman becoming evil and destroying the planet with Batman having to wipe the world clean to stop him, or just Darkseid killing everyone so Flash does his thing but accidentally fucks it up, or maybe Cyborg was locked in some perpetual battle with Grid after Grid wiped out humanity where Cyborg made robot copies of his old friends and foes? Idk just throwing ideas around.

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he doesn't need a batmobile. he IS the batmobile!
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Weaknesses U N K N O W N
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Dude you should try the arkham knight or red hood
You forgot that he´s got a sort of hidden rellimknarf drive. Its a misterious device which greatly augments his capabilities to the point he seems undestructible  XD
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Me likes... me likes a lot
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Ideas for Gotham Gears 2:
The riddler
Killer Croc
Killer Moth
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Very nice and creative. :) (Smile) 
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love your style!
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Beautiful artistry!
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Now all we need is the Batfamily
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TBH it kind of reminds me of Batgirl a bit more that Batman (Probably because the whole face is black)
amazing! I love this concept!
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what a badman, what a batman, what a LOL!

well done m8, if u havn't already done it you should do an arkham knight one and then do a batman vs the arkham knight one. Also the Red Hood, like the version they have on the add on fro batman arkham knight red hood
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Cool! Should be called Robat kk
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...You are doing GOD'S WORK! 
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badass work,man
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Batman Approved I'M BATMAN 
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More than meets the eye!

...I bet he runs on energon
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