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Gotham Gears: Bane and Catwoman

New series of vector paintings I'm calling: Gotham Gears.

The why: I was inspired by this: [link]
and I thought it would look cool

♦Stealth (brief invisibility, but only when stationary, illusion collapses upon movement)
♦Second set of smaller hands capable of extrodinarily quick+percise actions (disarming alarms, opening safes etc)
♦Set of retractable whip/tentacle tails for quick moment/attack/long distance interaction (when the whips retract, they recoil as her tail)

♦delicate build- she can't take much of a hit ( but is quick enough that she rarely has to)

♦Unparalleled strength
♦Near invunrability to concussion attacks (susceptible to piercing attacks)
♦Very intelligent tactician/strategist

♦ function relies on rare hydraulic V.E.N.-Fluid. It constantly needs to replenished

Next set= Freeze & Penguin - DONE

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Bane's design kind of reminds me of D.O.G. from Half-Life.

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Both of them look AWESOME!!

 And for some reason, catwoman is kind of hot... what the hell is wrong with me? I must have some sort of secret machine fetish.
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Bane looks just like Devastator from Transformers. :D
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Bane... The man who broke the bot !
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I never really liked Bane, but this is epic!
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Holy cow this is amazing!! >w< A very unique concept, with wonderfully unique designs,  used with already beloved characters. Very well done may i say ^w^ (im gonna have to say that Harley and Catwoman are my all time favorite of these pieces ) 
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I would love to see artwork of Gotham Gear Bane holding up Gotham Gear Batman preparing to break Gotham Gear Batman's back.
amazing! I love the Catwoman design and the Bane design looks intimidating!
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The cat woman reminds me of zero beat from JSRF. But much more bad ass. 
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a bit much green on bane
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bane look like some sort of alien robot
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This is an amazing transformation of the characters, well done m8, this is badass on badass. 
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bane look like some sort of tank
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These are some interesting Decepticons...
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Bane here reminds me of Devastator from the second Transformers movie.

Did not like that movie, but if find these designs here very beutiful.
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are these cybertronians or just robots?
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Bane looks like a Cryxian Helljack.
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This looks more like the movie transformers or whatever u humans sayEye (licks the one in hand)
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That is actual really cool!!!
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