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Gotham Gears

Big ol wallpaper for you cats :)

still planning on adding to the series, just need to finish off a couple other projects. stay tuned :)

Individual pieces:

EDIT: And Just so everyone knows: at the NY comic con, I submitted these designs to both DC comics, and the Warner Brothers game company responsible for "Injustice", so the concepts have been sent as far up the ladder as I could manage, hopefully someone gets back to me about potentially taking this beyond a concept, but who knows :S
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your robots look like something out of tim burton 030

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OH MY GAHD YUS. You have to do killer-croc!
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Mad respects! AWESOME!!!
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this is badass great work mate
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I want this to be a series. DC comics get to work on making this happen.
Lokitheg0d's avatar
Love it joker is my life
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I LOVE the joker ! You did an AWESOME job !!!! That's INCREDIBLE !!! OMG !
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HOLY CRAP. this stuff is incredible!!!! love it!!!!Deadpool - In love 
One of my favorite pieces. Amazing work. I love everything I've seen.
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you do good work ! :)
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You should have it where the Batman, Batgirl, Robin, and Nightwing Gears are fighting the Villain Gears. I think that would be cool and of course you'd need to create Batgirl, Robin, and Nightwing Gears.
So epic , it's truly amazing 
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This looks amazing! Your designs are so creative! 
Wing-Nobody06's avatar
very nice touch. love the way batman looks!
JunktheViking's avatar
looks amazing and a little like bionicle :D
JokerXVII's avatar
Creatively badass! Haha
MyrvanaMiseria's avatar
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You Should Put This On One Of Your T-Shirts On You Robo Shark Store.
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This is awesome, so awesome in fact that I bought one at NYCC, I love your work and again is was an honor to meet you in person. I just wanted to ask what is the size of this print you sold at your booth? I ask because I want to put this in a frame so I can put it on my wall. 
Saw your work at a local store in Winnipeg, couldn't stop looking at your work.
Fist-of-doom's avatar
This could make and awesome comic and could potentially make a good game
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This is just a suggestion you don't  have to do it but...Could you do Robo My Little Pony next, again if you're not brony that's alright just making up ideas.
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