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Finally got around to drawing a Deadpool :)

The plan is- to sell this print with a blank speech-bubble, then people can get whatever the want written in :)

There will also be a clean version without any bubble
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With wits as sharp as his blades and mouth like his bullets: blasting fast and not givin' a f***.
my favourite
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Hi, I have a flat but I have to make my advertising! I am attending a voting patterns for shirt, and I need your vote!
Just click on the stars on the print
Quick and costs nothing!
Thank you and sorry for the hassle
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Deadpool, proving that you don't need to be serious to be a assassin.. or have a firm grasp of reality either XD
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I much...yes....just yes!!!!
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A school bully who take his job seriously for once  
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Deadpool is best anti hero!
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If theres one think you's his inanity with that line. awesome job
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Ahh Deadpool... Taught me how to get around in school
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my fault I Tripped You
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I would fill it with keyboard mashing.
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ahahaha amazing one XD
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I may order a "CHIMICHANGAAAAAAAASSSS!!!!!" One...
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Milk money, what about lunch money?
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nice i love deadpool hes my fav marvel character and also id just like to ask how r u able to get your gotham gears and auto avengers to look so cool
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many a late nights drawing robot parts led me to the gotham gears :)
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cool thanks for the reply
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love deadpool...
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