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Auto Avenger: Venom



An attempt has been made to duplicate the Spiderman's webbing secretion systems , using a newly discovered substance initially thought to be the key component to the webbing. Project codename: Venom.

Update: experiments webbing substance has leaked into the inner-workings of the mech, and seemingly bonded. An increasing amount of system anomalies have been noted.
recommend project termination

subject has become unstable. unforeseen strength and combat abilities notes- however unusual aggression levels and behavioral instabilities render the subject unusable
recommend immediate project termination

Update: subject has finally begun producing a webbing substance. Although similar to the Spiderman's webbing, project Venom's strain is highly corrosive, being only useful for seconds before dissolving, and cutting into most surface areas and materials.
webbing strain: failure
Strongly recommend immediate project termination

Update: subject has grown considerably in size, frame has now seemingly become pliable, and is in a constant state of change. unknown protrusions and appendages have begun building and integrating into the the mechs system.

Overall diagnoses and mapping have repeatedly failed. an unknown system of hardware and software have developed in place of the original core.
demand immediate project termination

Update: subject has escaped.
you idiots.

check out the rest of the Auto Avengers!

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"How did this happen?!"

"Well, General, we were received anomalous readings for quite some time, which I believed were warning signs. Based on those I made multiple termination recommendations, that were ignored. I'd show you everything, but he ate our terminals and mainframe!"