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This ones been on the list for a while. Craziest movie, and I still have not dived into the massive journey that is the Manga, but plan on on attempting soon. 
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I gotta say my favorite anime movie is a tie between Akira and Spirited away.
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Kaneda-definition of total badass.
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If you watch Bleach in dub, the English voice of Kaneda is the same voice as Ichigo.
CattheCowardlyLion's avatar
omggg yess what an amazing, dynamic piece to celebrate a wild but thrilling movie/manga!!!!
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I still watch the original frequently without the newer voiceovers
All-time favorite anime
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i love your pic of akira but when i saw it first i diddnt know what akira is so i watched the movie and its great like your pic ^^
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lol I haven't actually seen Akira yet and this kinda makes me wanna see it now
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awesome. akira is a classic.
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i dont really like anime and akira anymore, but this cant be ignored.
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Sick! Love the part where he uses his powers to warp lasers around him. First saw Akira when I was about 4-5, maybe 6 years old.
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instant favourite.
and my new background.
How in the **** are you so good at this?
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Wonderful. Am i the only who found the movie confusing sometimes?
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That is because it is only a small part of the massive work that is the books. Even from the part we see in the movie a lot is missing. I think it took twenty years to finish the books.
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Is the manga good? I hope it´s less unnecessarily
complicated and confusing than Evangelion.
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It is really, really good.

It has no "what could this mean?" instead is rather straight forward about it's mysteries and stuff, primal at some of the later points.
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No.  You are not the only one.  But, I have a return question for you:  Did the "out-of-control mutation" scene at the end make you feel physically ill?  It did that to me.
Mister-Crool's avatar
I don´t remember.
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I'd recommend watching it again, so you do, but I wouldn't want you to come back and "Caps Lock" at me if it DOES negatively affect you - just didn't remember.

The manga is different, from what I have heard.
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I´ve seen grosser stuff. Ever seen The Thing?
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I don't really watch movies in general, really.  It's a rare occasion when I watch a movie.

Now, when you say "The Thing", do you mean the original, with Kurt Russell, or the prequel they made since that movie?  I've seen one or two clips from the original.  The effects are pretty good.  Gotta give a *hand* (or two) to the guy who tried to defibrillate the infected body.  A round of applause for him (he can't do it himself, when he has no hands anymore).

My viewpoint is:  Live-action and CGI movies have detailed and/or realistic gore and other aspects that would cause unease or make the viewer feel physically ill.  Anime and cartoon movies, however, have a harder time of doing that, because they need more artistic detail, plenty of line work, and mostly 2-D.  So, for me, if an anime or cartoon can make me feel that way, they're doing something right and/or well.
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I meant the original one.
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Okay, thanks for the clarification~  As I said, I've seen a few bits of the original, and I liked what I saw.
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