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Samurai Jack!
This show was a friggen gem. if you have not watched it, get on it
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"You are lucky, Samurai, most of us have to live with our mistakes, but you get to DIE for yours!! HA HA HA" -Aku

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The white sword of hope vs an evil personified being of intense chaos!


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wow, i saw this picture a while back but i never knew who made it
awesome work here, you did a truly amazing job :D
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That looks pretty cool.

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Ah I miss watching this!! La la la la 
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This art is EXTRA THICK. ... Sorry I couldn't help myself there, it sounded fitting to me.
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 e x t r a  t h i c c
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The evil Aku, they brought the show back you know!
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When you never gave him E X T R A  T H I C C
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Samurai Jack XD
Tap Titans
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This deviation deserves an...  EXTRA THICC  fav
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Fuck I love how energetic and powerful Aku looks.
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Shadow Fiend in Nutshell
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This looks so epic! and he looks so small!
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oh the good old cartoon<3 i still love it
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The memes brought me here.
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