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A Dragon Taught me Fire

Leaving it up to you cats to explain what's going on here, I only have a vague idea. The title "A Dragon Taught me Fire" came out of nowhere one day(thanks muse), and since then I've had this violent, explosive clash of epicness piece on my mind.

printing this first thing tomorrow morning, just in time for the Vancouver Fan expo :)

I don't think I've ever come close to pushing Illustrator this far- the amount of vector chaos going on is a little overwhelming... and some of you will be happy to know, that during this piece, a lot of snaps were taken, and I will be compiling a step-by-step Tutorial on my full process :) I'll post details closer to release.
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Kinda reminds me of the card game Magic: The Gathering.
Commonly the strongest red creatures are dragons and the strongest white creatures are angels. Only one can survive this epic clash in the sky and it seems the dragon wasn't up for the task.
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nice colour contrast.
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If you like, please tell me how i can improve my righting

A Dragon Taught Me Fire

In the beginning, it was simply a spark. I watched as it twisted through the air, flickering. It fled, reaching for the sky. More and more sparks joined it, rising up, spinning in the night air. It grew, no longer a spark, ravaging the sky. A torrent of flame rose before me, a roar of fury. As it grew, it took shape. Its molten mouth open, its crimson eyes glowing. It turned to me, a mighty dragon of flame now. A small smile played upon my lips as I stretched out my arms. A dragon taught me fire, but I am the eternal ice.

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that title, killing shtDestiny - Dance Moves Human 
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"Leaving it up to you cats to explain what's going on here," even after a mere 20 years after the red dragon was born, it grew into  a massive beast, devastating the land, with no force on earth to stop it, so the gods sent the elemental water gaurdian to stop it!
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Fire-Breathing 101: Class dismissed.
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AWESOME! I absolutely love the colours, details, poses, background, designs and lighting on the two.
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Sharp edges, the bright colors, the all around set-up, it's amazing.
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I was listening to john dreamer:becoming a legend whe i found this.The result was a battle so epic it brought tears to my phoenix's eyes.
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Yet another master piece. You really know your stuff, it's amazing how the colors play with each other, devouring each other and the strong contrast they form. It leaves much room for interpretation. However there is a minor thing I noticed (and don't know if it happened intentionally), it's that the ice woman doesn't really face the dragon, she looks in a different direction, so it seems.
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How does this not have daily deviation.
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amazing power in this work. Great job ! :w00t:
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Awesome!!! You Have One Big Future There! :happybounce: 
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Hot and intense. you know your fantasies. La la la la 
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Beautiful work. :D
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so beautiful and captivating
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Look what i found
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this is truly amazing work! i'm astonished to see this is done w/vector art! TEACH ME!!! LOL
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This has got to be my favourite picture on deviantart
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dragons teach fire bending... avatar the last airbender
This is amazing. Is there any way to get a full-size download for wallpaper?
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This is amazing! I love the colors.
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