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The Hunt

By chasestone
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so here's my latest project, i wanted to draw something cool and what else is cooler than cavemen killing a t rex? not much

i am aware that cavemen didn't exist when dinosaurs were around but i am also aware that dinosaurs are awesome, so yea.

all brush tool in photoshop
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Cool painting! And something tells me those cavemen are trying to bite more than they can chew XD
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this needs no justification. fucking awesome. wanna see this in a music video or something.
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The realism I'm looking at right now is staggering...
the action here is mesmerizing, and the overall detail
is extremely kudos worthy.

My friend, you've managed to bring the past over to us all.
And I want to see much, much more.
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Seriously, your work is astounding.
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young t-rex probably
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This is beyond awesome. Love the work.
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small rex or big caveman? Awesome.
What if the Rex is only calling for help?
His back is itchy and he can't reach them with his short arms xD

The arms always throw me off :D
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wow those are some ballsy cavemen
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You paint some of the most powerful pictures I have EVER seen!
Amazing job, people like you are what inspire me to draw and paint.
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another great render! as for cavemen and dino's around at the same time well they just found not to long ago
2 sets of foot prints one of a dinosaur and one of a human, side by side next to a lake bed
so ya never know.........
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I heard something about that too. I also saw that they discovered some carvings of dinosaur like creatures by civilizations thousands of years before dinosaurs were discovered.
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sick painting! I love the lighting! and the trex of course...
The clouds man! The clouds
not sure if time travelling tyrannosaurus or time travelling cavemen
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If you stab out one eye hes half as likely to see you. Cut off his arm hes half as likely to hit you.
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wish i could say something more constructive than 'wow...awesome...' but I'm currently speechless

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in a fairly battle even large group of cave mans can,t hunt an adult t-rex.can you draw a friendship between t-rex and them?it is better untill t-rex want to hunt them.ofcourse you,re work is really cool but i think if they be friend it will be better but thanks for this beautiful work.and i think a t-rex can be larger than this.i have an idea for you.can draw a picture of friendship between t-rex and them and a picture that t-rex is protecting them from another animal like pack of wolves or a big bear.ofcourse i like that t-rex be friend with other animals too.thanks.
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