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September 23, 2009
Standoff by ~Chase-SC2
Featured by MidnightExigent
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The rogue Russian general is cornered by the Secret Agent, just in time to stop the nukes...or is it?

This was my entry for the Secret Agent Challenge on cgsociety, it was a lot of fun. You can see some progress shots here

Edit: Wow thanks for the Daily Deviation!!! I really appreciate it. Thank you to everyone for visiting my site and commenting!

a note: For anyone a little insulted that the bad guys are "always the russians." This is a Cold War scenario, and the Cold War = USA and Russia. Whose to say that the Secret Agent himself isn't Russian?
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This piece and Gunship Fortress are two things I’d given up on ever seeing again. The Tom Clancy atmosphere in this, and the Call of Duty vibe for the other are something I’m going to appreciate having in my favorites. 👍

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That rogue general reminds me of Count Dooku
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The beginning of the nuclear apocalypse.....
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Wow I've actually created a character that was supposed to be like this secret agent you've depicted (like a couple years ago). It's so cool to see that concept brought to life, especially with such vivid detail and talent.
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Looks like he is nuking out Mega-City One (see my gallery to make sense of that)
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This is really good! Makes me think alot of metal gear
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Just one thing: that one representing Washington on that massive screen: Looks like someone added a letter I(which do not belong to the Cyrillic alphabet) after the first N letter(H in Russian), and it made the word read"Vashiniton".
N0b1eRebe1's avatar
Why Sean Connery?!
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I love the pulp but not show america losing ?
RukarioTrainer's avatar
This makes me think of Android: Netrunner for some reason. I think the colors maybe..
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Balsamique's avatar
Yeah Kiefer sutherland!!!!
Excellent painting, as usual.
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Lovely, and very dramatic in a grand action film sense; reminds me of those spy stories that were popularised in mainstream media years ago.
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This is one of my favorites of yours and I'm loving all your stuff...
Amazing! After this i have nostalgy for C&C: Generals series...
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полный бред автор критин
JoydiF's avatar
RustySamurai's avatar
Хоть бы описание почитали сначала.
the9oodbyeman's avatar
Не объясняй ему, он не поймет( Обычное агрессивное быдло.

We, Russians, are sorry for this stupid cabron alauda1038..
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Ну, пожалуй, ты прав!
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progress shots link doesnt work
Dark-Dragon-Aera's avatar
Yeah, very sad to see that other countries show russians like a evil unfeeling people, but none of them ever grew up in a real Russian family. They don't know who we are. It doesn't offends my feelings, but it's sooo sad((
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