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Sorin vs Tibalt

By chasestone
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I'm so glad I got the opportunity to illustrate these planeswalkers, especially for a duel deck. It was a fun challenge fitting what is essentially two separate illustrations into one composition and having it still feel organic - the characters had to work both together AND separately, and it took some trial and error to get them there.

Sorin detail

Tibalt detail

Art Director: Jeremy Jarvis
Copyright Wizards of the Coast LLC
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RinZombie's avatar
I really really really want this as my playmat. Please sell me one.
Taasla's avatar
Sorin is absolutely my favorite.
Vyctorian's avatar
Stunning work!~
artekoublier's avatar
Sorin VS Tibalt was the first Duel Deck I bought as I've only bee into MTG for a year or two. The illustrations are second to none. You are a master my friend.
RenMoraes's avatar

Looks Like mr Brad Rigney  has finally found an worth Rival ^^ !

Keep with this astonishing art , Mr Chase Stone .Thank you !!!! :clap: :clap::clap:
CharlieWilcher's avatar
Fantastic work! It's incredible how well you've rendered them.
I love the looks you have on each planeswalkers face. Great job!
Huge Smile!!! INCREDIBLE!!!! Your mastery of lighting is amazing!!!!
scorpio81's avatar
Great piece. Fantastic
GoodbyeEveryone's avatar
This is absolutely incredible. I LOVE your work!
thevampiredio's avatar
i see joker and batman!:D
MarjorieDavis's avatar
very, very awesome!
davidbrown's avatar
nice work, looks amazing
smicket's avatar
Possibly my favourite piece of MTG art ever.
schuy007's avatar
death-g-reaper's avatar
I loved the art for this set! So glad I found it here on dA! ^^
SprocketAndSpear's avatar
This is such a fantastic piece just simply in the connection seen between the two characters. I can really see not only their relationship to one another, but also their individual personalities coming through. Well done. Not to mention the fantastic technique used.
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RinZombie's avatar
Can you please make this a print? Because I really want a poster of this on my wall.
DerSkizzierer's avatar
Really, really nice art. I just had an interesting card idea which would go well with this.
Skargan's avatar
Amazing work ! Very cool planeswalkers B-)
ReplicatorFifth's avatar
I just got that set yesterday (actually toned down my magic card buying because I never play it anymore I just like the art. >.>) needless to say I did appreciate the quality of this. (now I haz wallpaper!)
AngelicAdonis's avatar
That's really awesome! Very nice poses and dramatic colours! :D
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