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Primordial Hydra MTG

By chasestone
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This was for a promo reprint of "Primordial Hydra". Since its a promo, I'm pretty sure the only way to get the card with this image is to purchase Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 on xbox. Otherwise it will have the artwork by Aleksi Briclot (which is awesome).

Some people have said that the eyeless falcor look is off putting, so I just want to say up front that this was intentional. Who hasn't watched the Never Ending Story and wished that Falcor was several stories tall, had hundreds of heads, navigated by sound/smell alone and compelled chiefly by an insatiable blood lust?

Art Director: Jeremy Jarvis
Copyright Wizards of the Coast LLC
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Awesomely done! But I prefer the original nice fluffy Falkor, thank you!
Sora108's avatar
polar bear hydra feels! :D cute monster i think :D
MarshmellowGlitch's avatar
I'm sad because you wouldnt be able to ride it into battle because if you managed to get up onto its back then one of its other heads would nom you off and that saddens me
Maniac1218's avatar
I don't think Hercules can fight this one, find Saitama
bunnywithmonocle's avatar
It's incredible!!!
Robguil4774's avatar
Looks like something from Naruto
VanishingSilence's avatar
I don't know what this is but I like it!
3V3NT-H0R1Z0N's avatar
nope nope nope nope nope... (fantastic drawing though)... nope nope nope nope!
Adam-Walker's avatar
No wonder it looks better with scales.
urzapw2000's avatar
great picture!!
EyeOfShadows's avatar
Hate to see what happens when that creature wakes up and all of its necks are tangled.  . . .
Jorachan's avatar
fluffy *________*
Hakamorra's avatar
Vegeta's worse nightmare right here. xD
DarrolLayman2015's avatar
Why do you say that?
Reyai-Bloodrose's avatar
I think that it's more disturbing in the fact that it DOES remind me of Falcor.
ragingspacebull's avatar
I would not want any of that after me.
Loki7z's avatar
Very terrific monster!
skrawll's avatar
But its so cute, almost like a fanged Luck dragon ^_^
Loki7z's avatar
You are welcome!
SnowInHades's avatar
Superb! So life like, I can hear it roaring with rage!
Cr0atoan's avatar
*climbs up hill and sees this on the horizon*


*climbs back down and heads in the other direction*
I-m-a-g-i-r-o's avatar
Best Hydra I ever encountered.
The lack of eyes, the fur, the doglike? teeth, the movement of the necks
I can almost hear it scream and feel the pressure of it's presence.
ThatHappyFellow's avatar
I personally like that they have no eyes. It puts an interesting twist on things.
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