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Ojutai, Soul of Winter

So stoked that I got to do one of the legendary dragons.  

I think it's cool how when birds bank their bodies can become almost perpendicular with the ground while their heads remain stable and oriented upright, locked on to whatever it is they're looking at.  I tried to replicate that here.

Art Director: Jeremy Jarvis
©Wizards of the Coast LLC
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You've done a lot of my favorite mtg pieces, I'm glad you got to do them!

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Beautifully done
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I've never noticed that the arms are connected to the wings :o
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Wow, INCREDIBLE! I always loved MTG cards for how beautiful they were, it is amazing to see one of the artists that gets to bring them to life! The way that the shadow of the mountain casts blue over the dragon's body but then the sunlight hits and shines through the tip of the wings, making them a vivid, warm orange, is so incredibly beautiful and feel so real and yet mystical at the same time, the way beautiful things in nature, when glimpsed, feel magical. You do an excellent job selling the flight of this enormous creature.
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Oh heck I have this card and I absolutely love it!!! great job!
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Easily one of my favorite card arts, Ojutai himself and his creed are so gorgeously designed <3
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The referencing was very sucessful.  I love that you included it in the description.  It is great to see it.
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wow, this looks amazing!
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One of my favorites. I traded my Pre-release Dromoka for a Pre-release Ojutai.
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Flavor text should have said: "Winter is coming."
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I absolutely LOVE this piece!
my boyfriend got me the magic card and I directly loved it :3
It is a shame that the art on the card is a lot darker, makes it lose a lot of detail :/
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Very dynamic, and great choice of colors! I definitely get the feeling of a bird of prey that keeps its head locked on to the target. 
Wonderful job :)
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A very beautiful and dramatic image, love the composition, the design of the creature and the lighting.
that is the only proper description of this picture!
also the cards power is so cool!
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I love the composition and lighting here, looks spectacular :)
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Astonishing! Beautiful composition!
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Incredible picture :wow:
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first dragon i pulled in fate reforged. LOVE IT!
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Love the view, and the dragon kinda reminds me of my friend. :D (Big Grin) 
Your image has the capacity to transport a viewer to a different world. What more can an artist want.Just amazing!!!
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Fantastic!!!! ^^
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