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100% brush tool in photoshop
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It's really inspirational to look at the work you can do now and then see that you made this in 2004. I don't mean to say this is bad or anything, it just pales in comparison to the work you're currently producing. It gives me hope that one day maybe I can improve that much! :D
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This HAS to be based off of the Cole Protocol.
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it looks like the shotgun is impaled into the poor dude
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Looking at how far you have come since this, the improvement is staggering. Gives hopes to us who think they'll never learn to do anything decent.
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i need to get me some of this photoshop. I like your gallery
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you know what this reeks of?

AWSOMNESS good job! :)
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Awsome! Reminds me of the part in "The Cole Protocol" where Keyes has to lead a bunch of ODST to infiltrate an Innie ship.

:+fav: for sure.

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Helljumpers just scream "Epic"! "Feet first into Hell."-ODST motto
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i like this:noes:
good lines
really cool
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How you create something like this purely with the brush tool is beyond me. It must have taken weeks, or months.

Do you use a tablet and stylus? I imagine using the mouse for this kind of thing would be near impossible.
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That's neat. It looks very realistic with the lighting. Must've taken a long time.
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may I use this as a cover for my story/novel [link] I will accredit you and keep you updated.
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Aside from Sangheili drop troopers, these guys are the greatest

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Orbital drop shock troopers for the win man, for the win.
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Amazing as usual xD Helljumpers rock
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im very happy to see that people are still seeing and commenting on this piece. I'm goin to actually start updating my page now, and since I'm going to be putting recent work on my page, I want everyone to just be aware that this one is pretty old and is beginning to show it in comparison to my newer stuff (I finished this one at the end of eighth grade).

and Prae7orian, you missed it on HBO cuz i never thought to post it there. I'm kind of surprised I didn't though, cuz it woulda been the perfect place to show it. Well, I might do a new version of this piece, so it might turn up there sometime in the future.
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