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Mogis's Marauder

By chasestone
This is maybe my favorite illustration I've done for magic so far. The dude is wearing a Minotaur!

Art Director: Jeremy Jarvis
Copyright Wizards of the Coast LLC
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© 2013 - 2021 chasestone
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Reminds me a bit of Sean Connery's battle in Time Bandits.

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Looks like he's got beef with somebody.


No? Okay. I'll gtfo.

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I hope that Minotaur diddn’t have any diseases.
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looks very realistic compering to your other work, but overall picture has a "big" imapct
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absolutely awesome :)
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Those vests will not last... But the concept is terrifying and awesome, great stuff.
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This is my favorite MTG card. Most appealing to me personally. I feel I can relate to him. lol
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Wild and gory, shows up those posers in mere lion skins. Somehow I imagine their battle cry as "MEEEAT!!"
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I can almost smell this guy.  Good artistry, bad body odor!  Approval Matrix 9.2540001
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how realistic!!! I wonder when I did like You :)
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is this photo manipulation or im out of my mind?
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Either they just put those skulls on or that's fake blood -- blood turns rust brown when it dries. :p

Or the physics for blood clotting is slightly different in this universe, which is also possible.

This is a beautiful work, I just like noticing these things. Particularly love the idea of using a minotaur's bones as armor and bludgeon -- I'd prefer solid plate myself, but clearly this guy is crazy enough to pull it off.
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I like to think it was a fresh kill and they're taking trophies from the fallen and are now attacking more.
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Do you use 3d? A lot of your work has a cool cinematic feel to it.
How do you show off the fact that your a badass: Wear a freaking Minotaur skull as a hat, and you'll be fine.
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You drew that! :O I have that card its one of my favorites!
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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This Cannot to be a painting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Toy Chica blushing 
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reminds me of the barbarians in Ryse; son of Rome
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I must say thank you for this art - it inspired me to draw sth after long fruitless break:) So thank you:)
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Over-the-top badass.
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