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Learn From the Past

Art Director: Dawn Murin
©Wizards of the Coast LLC
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looks like from inside out with the core memories
Until seeing this art now, I never realised the woman was Narset and that there were Dragonlord clan marks on the wall. Truly amazing work on the cloth and lighting!
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perfecto. Maravilloso.
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Man your art is unreal
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This is gorgeous. A+++
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Great work!! This is why I like your illustrations; not only for the amazing technique, but also because of the excellent art direction you're given. :) This artwork could've been yet another walk amidst generic coffins in a déjà-vu dungeon... But no! Grotto scenery, funeral urns, and the whole things gets a lot more interesting visually. Congratulations! ^^
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This reminds me of Numenera. Awesome work! Keep it up!
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I literally thought this was a cosplay until I saw the category. Then I was like O_________________O
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Your work is like magic, I almost don't want to know how it's done. Incredible.
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wow!, I admire your work so much, it's just breathtaking
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This was one of my favorite images in the whole set, I'm so happy to see the large version! I love her outfit and the design of the scroll casings- as well as their storage on the tree shelf. Beautiful work!
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That's very beautiful ! This is so good that I'm asking myself "Can he lives with his art from being able to do such things ?"
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"Ah, here's my mint condition issue of Playelf #11!"
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I love all of the detail! It all looks so real! Good job! :D
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beautiful !! 
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remember me of skyrim ;)
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