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Jace, Living Guildpact

Art Director: Dawn Murin
©Wizards of the Coast LLC
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© 2014 - 2021 chasestone
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impressive art! dramatic lighting
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Love the total blue coloring on this, nice job...:)
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Great!! Jace Beleren is my favourite planeswalker! Good work.Clap 
BlasterAdreis's avatar
Wow! Jace is my favorite planeswalker by far, and this makes him look even better!!!
ConsidR's avatar
Absolutely stunning! He doesn't look too different from the Jace vs. Vraska Duel Deck print, but looks a little better. I just love the color too!
AngelicAdonis's avatar
Wow, that looks pretty amazing! :D
Ooupoutto's avatar
Awesome piece!
MBDemon16's avatar
Probably my favourite art on a Jace
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thomaswievegg's avatar
love this one, really nice work Chase.
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Love this Jace! You're killing it man! :D
Serch2's avatar
One of the best drawing of Jace ever.
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When I saw the art on the card I was blown away. It was stunning and so 'collorfull' even though you only used blue. It oozed story and now to see it here, I love it even more. Great job

Also, I pulled 2 of these out of 3 sealed pools, always a good card to play
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damn those knights in the back. so nice
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How many hours did it took you to complete this piece?
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This is what masturbation does to you.
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I like the callback to Tablet of the Guilds.
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Congratulations, you drew Jace and made him look awesome, not like a mopey douche!

Seriously, tho, awesome rendition of a very important character to the franchise.
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