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August 14, 2010
Grandma by ~Chase-SC2 Suggester says: "Calm and tranquil, yet somewhat eerie and thought invoking. Where do they come from, where are they heading, who are they?"
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Made this for a practice book illustration project, it was a good change of pace subject matter wise. Painted in photoshop

Edit: Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your thoughtful comments and to everyone who featured this image elsewhere. And thank you to everyone who suggested this for a DD!
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"Grandma? Why are we leaving?"

(sniffles)"...I'll tell when you're older, honey."
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Captain Janeway Eyeroll  I remember that day like it was yesterday, Mister Chakotay...
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Ooh! I can imagine that these humans are from ancient civilization who have high technology since ten thousands years ago. They have designed to clean up everything they made on earth and then move to live in space to give back normal peace on earth and watching learning next human generation on earth.
Also, they have made the Black Knight satellite and drew the ancient astronauts on earth.
Beautiful! Is there any way to order a high-res version of this so I can print and frame?
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A piece of writing inspired by this work:

"See, Tristan?" Jayma points to the clouded blue orb miles and miles in the distance. "That, my boy, is Earth." Even in her long years, she has never laid eyes on the planet, ever. Only in feeds and pictures has she seen its twirling milky surface, its blue oceans and its green continents. 

6 generations have passed since humans took to space, settled in other systems, grew new civilizations. Earth is no longer unique in the sense that it is a human planet, but it does have one aspect far different from the other human planets. "This is where humans began, Tristan. God began our race here, right here." She takes a deep breath, once again wishing their ship was making a supply stop there. And then Tristan starts to squirm. "Tired of history, dear boy? Do you want your mother?" 

Jayma stands from her seat and bounces Tristan in her arms. "Let's go to Mama." With one last look at the blue world behind her, she carries Tristan down the hall towards the cabins.
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Merci beaucoup, Yainderidoo.
some day this view will be possible.
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Touching. Instead of common astronaut, you show us grandma and a baby... This completely changes mood of this panting. There is some story behind it. It has to be, right? I can imagine endless stories, endless possibilities to explain this scene. This(and not only your painting skills) makes this piece wonderfull.
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Nothing has to be said, just look.
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Sad, but beautiful. 
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Absolutely beautiful!
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My husband loves this so much he wants a copy of it.
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I love the lighting in this one, super nice job!
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Absolutely stunning image!!!  Congratulations!!!
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Thought provoking :)  
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Reminds me of the TV show "The 100". Maybe the Grandma is the last human born on Earth, living on the orbiting space station called The Ark since she and a group of humans left Earth many years ago.
Wow... Just saw it on Youtube when i was searching for Carl Sagans Pale Blue Dot. And now I hear it in the background while watching this picture. It brought tears to my eyes.
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This is easily one of he most beautiful and moving pieces of art I have ever seen. I saw it on YouTube as a still for some "ambient space music" and had to seek you out. This piece should be hanging in a gallery if it's not already. I would also love to see this done with other ethnicities; it spoke to me as a farewell to Earth, a sadness, knowing that we will have to either leave our home or die there all together.. It's a beautifully sad image that could speak to all peoples, I think. You are immensely talented. 😍
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This is so awesome!
Is there some way I can get this in poster form?
I would love to have it on my wall!
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Omg O.O it's so sad… wow. Moving.
YOU DID THIS??!! I was just browsing through MTG art and ran across this - originally I saw this a couple years ago on the Bad Astronomy site - I just love love love this picture - and I also love MTG and your art. Great job - so thought-provoking.
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