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Feldon of the Third Path

By chasestone
Art Director: Dawn Murin
©Wizards of the Coast LLC
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© 2015 - 2021 chasestone
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I know its really late to the party, but this is by far one of my favorite pieces of Magic art

I love how you have Feldon's eyes closed (if they are, thats what they look like to me), as if he's just inside his own mind, thinking about how he believed he just failed his love as she died, and also thinking about how he'll get her back, and also wondering if he even can get her back.

And i love that you gave him a very visible wedding ring. Even despite Loran's death, he keeps it on. That is probably the biggest give away about how much he loved her, and what her death did to him. He wants to believe he can bring her back.
I know I am late to the party but is there ANY WAY I can get a print of this?
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Fantastically emotive piece (I know this is an older piece, but I had to comment). Also great subtle reflection in the window?
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This is so intriguing.
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I like the idea that the reflection of the man seems to be kissing the lips of the robotic head. Great work, I always enjoy pictures with emotional strength.
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not only that but the outline of the two heads also creates a heart-shape!
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What an amazing image!! There's a sort of emotion one can sense when looking at the old mans face as he stares at the automatons head. Is there a story/lore to this?…
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Yes, one of the best of the lore of Magic:…
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Alas, poor Yorick!
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It sorta reminds me of this picture book my third grade teacher read us, called Because I Love You, I guess by Max Lucado. It was some kind of allegory for God and the Garden of Eden. Old due making robots, it seems appropriate to mention.
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Wow! Superb image!
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I love the background of Feldonn, sad story.
I wish i could read the entire lore with the Urza and Mishra Brothers.

One of my favorites cards and illustration thanks dude.
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Beautifully done..WOW!
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Oh wow this is amazing! I love the details and the mixing of genre here! The colours and the textures on the different materials looks wonderful as well! Good job! :D
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Resurrect my love with NECROMANCY? That would be weird.
he did try necromancy but that's not what's happening here
read this:…
This is one of my favorite pieces of art. Ever. It's all about the face. Slow, weary pain and longing. And the detail! It's like Ivan the Terrible and his Son. Thanks for this wonderful piece. 
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Wonderful mash-up of genres here.  It deserves another new category similar to  'Steam-Punk'.  Maybe it is, but your aesthetics are unique to it.  Approval Matrix 9.7000142.
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Great work!! Did you use photoshop?
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¡Increible!. destaca el alto nivel de todo su trabajo.
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