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Feast or Famine MTG

This just came out in the Izzet Vs. Golgari duel deck, so I can finally post it up!

Art Director: Jeremy Jarvis
Copyright Wizards of the Coast LLC
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DeltoraxTheClasher's avatar

Yeah, that thing is gonna bite that guy’s throat and rip it out.

Slofkosky's avatar

I'm a bit late but HOLY COW! That is freaking awesome

Snoopingas7's avatar
Just give em a Snickers
Slatena's avatar
Wow! I feel like I'm gonna get my own neck bit, looking at this. Amazing work!
AuttumntheGuardian's avatar
Until Dawn anyone?

Outstanding masterpiece btw ^^
Vandal030's avatar
Awesome artwork. really horrofying.
EyeOfShadows's avatar
Good job! 

Zombie:  Oh come on stop raising up your head!  We need to practice kissing for our wedding!
Fantastic my friend!!!
konutko's avatar
so scary!!! omg so good
i'm a total noob to the art world, what would you call this style of art? I see that a lot of fantasy artists have a "realism" feel. Is there a particular term for this type of art?
HighOnShrooms's avatar
Probably low fantasy, if you ask me.
Wicked-Scott's avatar
Very nice, classic horror and high fantasy fusion.  Approval Matrix 8.9999991
Hermise's avatar
Wow, that's epic!
This is solid, visualised fantasy.
Carl-McIntyre's avatar
He's bringin sexy back...:D
Swimminbird's avatar
Great lighting and atmosphere!
Side-note: I'd eat him too (licks lips evilly...)
Featherw1tch's avatar
I hear yah! Totally agree!
RustyHarper's avatar
I have always liked this card because of art piece. Just stunning.
Gromf007's avatar
Wow, this is great! Maybe the atmosphere would be thicker if the monster pressed his eyeballs.
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