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Eldrazi Skyspawner

A tender moment

Art Director: Jeremy Jarvis
Copyright Wizards of the Coast LLC
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This is awesome Clap 
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Ooooooh god it's birthing in the sky and the baby's gonna be hovering in the freaking skyyyyy where its gonna float around and have more babies in the skyyyyy oh god that is a horrifying thought
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This is the best creature and universe that I saw in my entire life.
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Well, I have clearly found an artist who gets it.
Man, you have nailed it.
I keep looking at all your work and I find that you have perfectly captured the idea and feel for large scale fantasy.
Your work reminds me of gods, titans, giants, massive beasts, eldritch horrors and so much more.
Most people just think that a god is a pretty human floating around or that an eldritch thing is just a mass of tentacles.
But you have captured it, damn good work here.
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dude! that's crazy <3
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i'll tell a tale of a pie man,
a pie man who fought the war.
ta ta tala too tata
with his heels so high,
he baked a pie
foo ra loo la la
no one could know that it was he
gather 'round children and hear my song,
the thief is here,
he was here all along!
and here is a high res photo...

thank julia for that one
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i like that,  got any more :)  ??
Izzy4626's avatar
skulfuq's avatar
mating, birthing or digesting? tremendous.
Cammie555's avatar
The description got killed me XD 
I love the feeling of "grandeur" in this peice, it almost makes me have vertigo!
AnEnemySpy's avatar
The miracle of birth. Horrible horrible birth.
KreepingSpawn's avatar
That's just horrifying.  ;}
Well done, sir.
Codename-stmpengmk-1's avatar
Oh you made this card's and bane of bala ged art. Sweet. 

@blutigehexe: What inside is eldrazi spawn. 
blutigehexe's avatar
what is inside of this thing?
TheBoyWhoCriedPanda's avatar
whoa awesome concept
NOXIDE849's avatar
wow! I ever ask to my self, "who draw this fabulous landscapes and creatures?" you're not from this dimension folk!
Nocturno-Anular's avatar
Hi Chase. Great work man you are extremely inspiring. I just want to ask what process you used with this image(and most of the eldrazi for that matter)? Do you finish it in grayscale and then add color with a color layer? Do you start with a nice sketch and then start with color straight away?...extremely inspiring but I have no idea how to be like you XD
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One of my favorite illustrations from BFZ
My email is
 Hello do you do freelance work?
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Intriguing !
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I'l be honest when I first played with the card I didn't notice the baby inside there and thought it was an air sack it was using to fly. Then I caught site of the hand. I love artwork when every-time I look at it I notice another detail.
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