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Earth Colossus

My entry for the Rift Colossus contest.
Earth plane

Wow! Big thanks to both the DA semi finalist judges and Trion's creative team! and of course to the DA community for all of your comments and support!

You can see some progress shots of this entry here
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I (my friend, actually) went on the craziest treasure hunt to find you! I wanted to say this image evokes the scale I associate with sci-fi, but its 1000x more terrifying in a fantasy skin.

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easy to find as a meme, a bitch to find the original artist. It sure would be nice if guys who just crop images and turn them into memes sourced stuff

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"If Judas wont come to the mountain

The mountain will come to Judas."

Is Mount Everest walking on all fours coming towards us all?!!

Life is evolving, and it scares me...
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Even worse, all 6's. And it spews molten lava!
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amazing! I love how huge it looks, and I can not help thinking that I am one of the warriors that will fight it
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Man, the sense of scale for this creature is just great. It's amazing how you accomplished it by simply having that city in the distance being just down the river from its path. You can already tell that only one of its six legs could crush it. What hope do these two knights have against such a creature?

This still remains one of my favorite creature designs on this site.
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This looks so nice
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Details are perfect! The splash of the water where the colossus placed its feet, the frost shaken off from the top of one of its feet, the size  of the city nearby, all give a perfect idea of it's size. Very real... 
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Such a great idea!
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Um... Superpowers Wikia used your image:…
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Awesome creature there :)
Yoooooo this shit is amazing. Mind if I set this as my desktop background?
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looks like that stranger things demagorgon
LornWarbler's avatar
of course you won! it's amazing!!
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Terrific work, damn nice :) the colossus just looks amazing
Amazing !!
Congrats !
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Amazing work.
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"Honey, have you seen the Earth Colossus around? It left it's cage."
*sees news report of it massacring the town*
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welp, there goes the entire city of mages and creed of warriors

Goddamit this is the third time this week its completley massacred million and destroyed entire cultures and civilizations
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What DM did that person have to piss off to get that thing activated?
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Incredible design :D
Is this the dude who makes the images for 3am memes?
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