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This is one thing I did in the fall for my sci fi illustration class, it may look finished but this is actually still a work in progress. I'm planning on redoing everything except the dragon, putting him in a different setting, adding other characters, etc. Just wanted to post this for now but expect an update at some point. This was all done in photoshop
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Hello good afternoon! Well, I have a facebook page where I see images, videos and everything related to dragons, and when I saw his illustration, it gave me a desire to publish it. Can I publish your artwork on my page by giving the credits and publicizing your devianart?

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This is amazing!
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wyverns are the pre-evolutionary form of dragons meaning they came before dragons but a some still remained the same.
believe it or not some wyvern(most actually were never even able to breath fire
unless were talking Europe in th dark ages
wyverns are also depicted as having feathers in both native american lore and Japanese lore such as the Ka-Riu witch was a small dragon; seven feet long, that was scarlet-colored, with only two legs ,it even had feathered wings.
there is also a subspecies of WYVERN thats even further back on the line known as a amphithere (yes thats what its called,and it wanted to correct to amphitheater)
these so called WYVERNS had NO LEGS and had feathers,they are more so related to snakes but since they has wings and feathers that made them more wyvern like.
they were in Egyptian and Mexican lore much like quetzalcoatl the Aztecs god of sun who was a giant feathered serpent,much like the Egyptian amphithere

so in other words you were only kinda wrong,but in a way you were write cuz of the anatomy,but that doesnt mean that true dragons that breathe fire cant have two legs
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Dragons ARE wyverns -.-
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XD lol XD
Maybe if you think of it like this, horses, dogs and cats have different breeds > so do dragons ;) you'll feel better :)

Btw> Awesome drawing! I love it :)
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Masterful and Inspiring! I love the pose of the dragon looking back pridefully on his destructive work.
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Wow, so amazing ! You're very good at digital art !
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Looks like a wyvern to me... BUT anywayy it looks really awesome for sure! :P
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I spend about 3 days searching for something like "the perfect dragon" and here, here i found one pretty strong candidate. The dino aspect make him looks awesome. 
Amazing work dude!
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nice illustration :)! its color is well chosen, black shows evil somehow. thanks for sharing ^-^
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amazing my friend
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Hello! This awesome dragon of yours has been featured here! :D
Musebox 0001
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Do you do dragons often? I love the detail and style you did for this and would love to see more!
I absolutely love this piece. The lighting, the fog (or clouds) and steam obscuring the background landscape, and the unusual pose and form of the dragon all come together nicely to form a great work. Usually, an artist portrays the standard four-legged, two-winged form of dragons, and relegates the two-legged and two-winged variety to the wyverns and drakes, but you captured this magnificent specimen of dragonhood wonderfully. coupled with the dilapidated architecture and arid landscape, and the searching nature of the feeling that the beast seems to exhibit, you get the feeling that something has caught it's attention, or that it is merely searching for it's next meal - perhaps those adventurers that you mentioned adding in at a later date.
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unusual pose on the dragon, and love how you can get details on her/him. Not to mention the light from above fits it perfectly.

Sitting in a class doing that.. amazing. Wonder how you come up with the idea? if it's like me it just comes as you create mostly. But I often feel that I lack ideas. That doesnt stop me from creating and practising, but you sometimes get the feeling people that have better skills have the idea from the start:)

If you feel like having a look at my work, feel free to step by and leave constructive comments.

Keep up the great work.
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What school did/do you go to?

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I love it! I can feel the thrill come off it in waves by just looking at it!
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Delightfully powerful design on the dragon. I love the pose.
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this is amazingly awesome! I'm wondering, is photoshop free? And is it good? I'm looking for a pc program to draw things on but I can't find anything good, I'm open to suggestions...
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