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Dispel MTG

This is one my favs from the Ravnica Block. A lot of my favorite Magic cards are spells or instants with art that effectively depicts the action, so I tried my best to do that here. Deflecting fire and also turning it into bubbles was a tough nut to crack, but I'm happy with the readability of the finish.

Art Director: Jeremy Jarvis
Copyright Wizards of the Coast LLC

PS: Unfortunately I can't take credit for the concept of deflecting fire into bubbles, that was included in Jeremy Jarvis' art description. It was up to me to figure out how to illustrate it and make it readable
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"That's an amazing party trick Rathal. I'm sure the kids will love it. But we need to talk about your costume"
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WOW! Amazing! Beautiful light and textures! The bubbles are hilarious though. :D
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Hello Friend

Your art is amazing and very well made.
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I think you did great with that fire/bubbles transition. it looks amazing. & i couldnt agree more with loving how the art depicts the spell itself
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I love the bubbles concept.. beautiful piece.
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Love all your work!
InVengefulEmbrace's avatar
You did that artwork? I've always admired it. There are too many ugly spells xD
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Why is this not available as a print?
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This piece of artwork is amazing. The colors, the lighting, the textures, the motion. I just think it lookes like the fire is being turned into water. Perfect nonetheless.
Ahh love this pc. Great lighting and effects, particularly on the face.
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Awesome! Even if the concept wasn't your idea, your portrayal of it is perfect!
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this is phenomenal. the rendering is very slick. great work.
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Great! You portray materials really well
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Nice card. Excelent artwork =)
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You should upload some studies. It would be cool to see the design process for one of these.
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I love pulling this card out in a match. It looks so cool. lol
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I love how fire and bubbles form the Simic guildmark!
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Always loved this artwork. The contrast of colour is beautiful
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good job! I personally prefer not to burn colors so much...
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