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Kind of funny because this is actually the second time I've illustrated "Dispel." Here's the first one, done way back in Return to Ravnica. 

Should the Jace hood have stayed up?  Realistically it had to be down given how strongly the wind is affecting the rest of his cloak.  But the hood is cool

Art Director: Jeremy Jarvis
Copyright Wizards of the Coast LLC
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Amazing effects ! 
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That lighting is amazing! 
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i would sell my soul for a playmat of this art!!! by far my favorite art in all of mtg!
CharaPlays2016YT's avatar
Can I have your soul?
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the comment coupled with the username there makes it perfect...
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I think this looks very cool! Love the intensity of his face and the way you've illustrated the bolt meeting the field.
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love this.... I think you nailed it!!
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Both pictures are amazing.
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I loved your Dispel in RtR, but this is probably my new favorite art for that card. I have a thing for Jace, what can I say.
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Absolutely stunning!!! The way the light splashes like liquid, breaks like smoke and stretches like lightning is gorgeously illustrated. The wind shows the force behind the spell and the way the light catches the planes of the mages clothing is also incredibly well done. You have quite the eye for lighting and shadows. Thank you for sharing
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Oh wow the lighting and the effects of the spell are amazing!
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Awesome! This is the best Dispel art so far.
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Impressive work ! :D
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Haha, great picture! But unfortunately I think "coolness" doesnt affect an article of clothing's ability to resist physics!
I really like the hair and think the hood is better down
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This is a fantastic depiction of using a magic ward to dispel enemy attacks. The sense of motion and his expression fit the theme very well.
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I love seeing Jace with his hood down, but I'm biased because I think he's a cutie. ;)

I totally wish you signed cards, you've drawn so many of my favourite Jaces! :O
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I agree about Jace's hood. I wish more recent cards showed it up. Wouldn't make a lot of sense here, though. 

Also, this is beautiful. 
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