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Something I was working on in the fall, it's a demon that sucks blood out of you!

It's my own concept, mostly just for my portfolio. Painted in photoshop
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Imagine how terrible it would be to be attacked by that creature.

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i remember coming across this years ago and could never find its source. So great to find the origi!

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Just like to point out that that looks like quite a warm humid environment; wearing plate armour really cuts down your ability to dump heat, which might have contributed to the dead guy's corpsification.
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Looks like it could also be a gene-engineered lemur-mosquito hybrid!
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OMG this one is so good! Love it

This is really exceptional work.
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Like it, original concept, doesnt seem that kind of "demons", but its more Scy fy-ish. Good art overall.
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Gosh, I love this!
That reminds me of quit place for some reason
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Looks like the mosquitoes around here. Only with fingers.
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That's creepy AF! Love it! 
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This... thing reminds me of Darkling from the Ghost Master series :D
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Oh thats just terrifying.... xD
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Is there a bio for this creature?
What sound is heard? A large slurp or a deep gargling?
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El chupacabra?!
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That is.. terrifying.
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Such grotesque beauty. Love it
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om my god this idea should be in a game his is absoluteley amazing !
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