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Chartooth Cougar MTG

My first Magic the Gathering card! DId this over the summer, now that Venser Vs. Koth is out I can finally post it up. Working for Wizards has been a blast, hopefully I'll have more cards up soon.

Art Director: Jeremy Jarvis
Copyright Wizards of the Coast LLC
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You're extremely good with colors wow
TheN1ghtTraIn's avatar
this is amazing!!!
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Damn,too fierce! :D
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Spinning Crystal Pixel AMAZING, AWESOME, GREAT, are just a few words that can describe you'r work. Keep Going!!!Spinning Crystal Pixel 
Mojo-Smileyface's avatar
Wow this is so awesome, I can feel the wrath from it! :D Keep up the amazing work! :D
VillalobosDStudios's avatar
Your work is amazing you should host it on Behance
Pavel-Sokov's avatar
Great first card! Looks like you were able to keep working with wizards, congrats!
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THE best sabertooth that i have EVR seen in my life. it is so incredible
gingerseehafer's avatar
Amazing! This reminds me of the ghoul dogs in Ghostbusters, but, of course, SCARIER! =)
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I was going to say the same!
Stunning work and awesome creativity.
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Nice flaming kitty.

Still this is cool.
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Awesome! I can actually see the fire burning inside his belly, ready to be unleashed. I love how you did the claws, too, how they're so terrifyingly sharp and so hot they're glowinhg red. :D
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You sir are totally AWESOME!
Gwendolyn-malfoy's avatar
the skin is just sheer epic-ness.. what tablet do you use?
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The work that I see on your site is incredible. I like this piece as it is so cool an idea but so very simple. Amazing!
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This is so awesome! Fantastic work :)
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You're a master of light and shadow!
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wow! it really looks as if the fire glows from inside of it's body! Excellent work!
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