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Bane of Bala Ged

By chasestone
Really had a blast with all of my Eldrazi, glad I got to do a decent number of them.

Art Director: Jeremy Jarvis
Copyright Wizards of the Coast LLC
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How wonderful it is!

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Really nice! Also, I love how crazy and Lovecratian the Eldrazi designs are.
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wow your eldrazi's are splendid
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WhaaaaaaaaLa la la la 
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mindblowing work, congrats!
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Very cool alien. My first impression was that this creature is like a hermit crab and it lives in the old bones of another deceased creature.
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I am glad you got to do a decent amount of them too.  Kinda sad we only saw one brood lineage for the most part though.  But the Eldrazi must just be a blast in general to draw: "Yeah, give it some tentacle legs and freaky arms, and just make it weird/scary/gross.  Just go crazy with them!"
What were the art directions given for this one? It looks great as always
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the close up on the porous ground combined with the steam around the tentacles creeps me out the most, seems so alien :o (Eek) 
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Awesome ! Great work ! :D
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One of the few eldrazi that looks completely alien rather than humanoid. Great design.
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Now that is some crazy creature design! 
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Fantastic design. I love the intertwining of skin and bare bone. It gives it a cool unique feel.
Great organic something. ;)
AngelicAdonis's avatar
Wow, that's pretty awesome!

I wonder if you drew reference form any animal/parasites when drawing these things!
amazing creature
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The rendering of the skin on this is wonderful! Very clear and unique, it's really great!
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Dang. Love that translucency and high-spec rubbery slickness going on. 
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