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The Singapore The Straits Times video arm carried a video interview on my iPad paintings:…

I was asked to do a one-hr live demo (drawing of Angelina Jolie) as the cameraman recorded the whole time. The drawing was incomplete, and the quality was compromised for speed, as I usually take at least 3 hrs to do a decent portrait. I didn't use the zoom function at all during the demo. I was happy that they also showcased my traditional pencil and ballpoint pen drawings. 

Hope this helps give some momentum for iPad paintings in Singapore!

If interested, pls check out my FB art page for more of my works:
Or my youtube channel:…
To see the drawing processes of my iPad paintings

I know statistics alone don't mean anything, but I'm grateful to see the total likes of this page approach 1000, total views of my Youtube channel approach 100,000, total page views in my Deviantart account approach 10,000, and my Instagram followers exceed 500.

What a privilege! I am hoping that this'd help to gradually establish my credibility as a self taught artist in Singapore. Thank you very much for all your support :)
Dear visitors and friends on DA,

Thank you very much for your support for my works. As I am self-taught, I have always had doubts on the level of my works. Your support and recognition therefore mean a lot to me, even as I continue to learn from other artists (including from many of you) and improve.

If interested, you may also wish to visit my FB art page and YouTube channel (for time lapsed videos of my iPad paintings). Thank you :)

My FB art page:
My Youtube channel:…

Chaseroflight aka David Chong
First of all, I would like to thank everyone who had either added me to your watch, added my works to your favorites, commented on my works, or just took time to look at them.

Painting on the iPad is pretty much the same as painting on traditional media except for (1) the difficulty in control, (2) the addition of a "redo" button, and (3) the ability to zoom.

While you can paint the general outline and even to a fair amount of detail without zooming in, it is impossible to achieve very fine detail given the difficulty in finger control. The redo function helps with this because you can draw a stroke, and erase and draw again if you find the positioning problematic.

If interested, pls visit my Youtube channel to see my drawing processes at…
As an amateur, I am keen to receive feedback on my works. All kinds of feedback and criticisms are welcome!

Pl also visit my YouTube video channel to see the processes of some of my paintings:…

A more complete collection of my other works can be found at my FB page at

Thank you.