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My Bio
A practicing artist is always growing, evolving, learning, improving. Your best piece of Art, is always going to be the next one. Start Chasing.

Favourite Visual Artist
Ashley Wood, Cheeks, Skottie Young
Favourite Movies
The Fall, The Fountain, Iron Giant, Sunshine
Favourite TV Shows
Clone High
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Glitch Mob, Clint Mansell
Favourite Books
Calvin and Hobbes
Tools of the Trade
Vector, Cintiq, Green Tea
Other Interests
Partying with the mates, snowboarding,
Official Prompt list: Fish Wisp Bulky Radio Blade Rodent Fancy Teeth Throw Hope Disgusting Slippery Dune Armor Outpost Rocket Storm Trap Dizzy Coral Sleep Chef Rip Dig Buddy Hide Music Float Shoes Ominous Crawl I needed to prep a bunch of my older books to go along with orders of my upcoming “Dragon Nanny”. I did a quick sketch of everything in a 10% grey first, just to figure out my idea for the word, and get the basic compositions for the word prompt, then finished with Pentel brush pen. Kinda excited that my first completed Inktober will be spread over the next 31 orders, and will be shipped around the world to new homes.
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It’s been a surreal ride getting here. COVID-19 suspended all comic cons and book touring, but it has allowed me to really lean into this project and spend a couple uninterrupted months with these characters and this world. I’m honestly going to miss this project once it’s done. Dragon Nanny is a 104 page graphic novel set on an alien world once bustling with life and populated by dragons. But something has happened: the eggs have stopped hatching, and with no new generation of baby dragons to replace the old, the cycle of life on the planet has screeched to a halt. Now it’s up to a lone determined little robot to find and hatch as many eggs as possible, and kickstart life back onto the sleeping planet. It's “The Land Before Time” meets “Wall-E” Check it out here!
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My "Exclusives/Foil Store" is now OPEN! These are the limited edition foil prints that we're normally ONLY sold at comic cons. This is usually the week I'm in San Diego, being a big ball of stress, setting up my booth, sorting prints, revealing new pieces and getting ready for a crazy whirlwind of a weekend. It's very sad that cons had to be put on hold for the year, but I hope things become safe enough that next year we can all get together and nerd out The convention exclusive pieces will be online for the week of July 22-26. all orders are shipped flat, signed, and usually come with extra goodies from the studio.
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Your art is .....

hey just wanted to say that all of your work so far has been amazing and even though I can't add them to my favorites due to the deviantart algorithm, they will always have a place there in my heart.

You are awesome, you are skilled in so many area of art. Landscapes, Mecha, characters. Seriously you are super talented.

Just gonna say it quick. YOUR STYLE IS AWESOME. Its similar to the style that I like to draw in too. But your art is gorgeous😍😍😍

Asshole reposting your work without acknowledgment or permission, thought you should know. They have been reported.

gundam execution

I have a theory about your 'Auto Avengers' Iron Man. I think it fulfills the 'distant god' idea you mentioned there, as the Auto Avengers lore implies Tony Stark created it's current god Ultron.

I described the theory in comments on Iron Man's page, and in a slightly less thorough manner on Ultron's.

Am I on at least the general right track there? If it's nonsense, I want to know before I go spreading it further. And if you want to keep your answer on the down-low, just answer in a Note.

Your artwork is very beautiful! ^ ^