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Still here

Sun Jun 16, 2013, 5:39 PM

I haven't posted anything in a while, unfortunately, but I still check the site.  If you browse my gallery and think of something else you'd like to see, let me know and I'll give it a shot.


My crew

Sat Jul 21, 2007, 8:15 AM

Lately I've seen a lot of people I care about going through merde they never deserved.  As captain (yeah, yeah, make fun), I have to see my "crew" through all this horridness.  So, in lieu of a whiny ship's counselor (don't worry if you don't get it :p), come to me if you need support or to just vent.  E-mail, IM, dA note...whatever.  I won't stand for good people suffering.  I'll be here...

Thanks, RMA-reborn for the subscription! :hug: ^_^

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I'm in Horry County *juvenile snicker* at Myrtle Beach, SC.  Wish friends were here but...what're you gonna do.  Back Friday or Saturday-ish.  *hates that he can't go to Otakon >_<* Thank god I'm close enough to a hotel with an open router :geek: :p  Catch you cats later...
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BUY THEM!  Or submit new ideas for new prints ^_^
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  Okay, I hate journals.  I'm also in a very low place (let's try ROCK BOTTOM) so...I'm relaxing the regulations.  For any that have been following the sordid ordeal, Royal-Sovereign just dumped me and jumped to another kid in Florida (all within the span of 5 minutes - no exaggeration).  I obviously feel raw about it has happened twice, now.  I'm far from perfect - I could've done things better.  I didn't deserve that, though.  And yeah, I'm sure this might sound hypocritical to maybe a couple of's not.
  The thing is...I tried to write something romantic to help keep some faith that love works and that anyone I might be attracted to & have feelings for isn't a complete ASSHOLE...and I got nothing.  Me.  The die-hard romantic can't come up with jack.  This is to what I've been reduced.  So, as I've reached a new low in depression that made me want to CUT myself or worse (and that's something I'm wholly against >.> ), I can't help but wonder if any of it is worth it in the least.  Therefore, I ask, what the fuck does one do when they reach this point?  This isn't a call for sympathy - I'm seriously at a loss as to what to do.
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I hope you're happy.
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Seriously, buy them, please?  Or, at least, give me an idea for some 3D art to do >_<  E-mail or IM (AIM: CaptainCEF) me or leave me a message.
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As it has others, the dilemma of anti-homosexual sentiment on deviantArt has come to my attention.  I'm going to attempt to keep this concise cause long rants people tend not to read.  Long ago, when searching for nifty XP Logon screens on dA's site, I came across a few muscley guys in bathing suits and other skimpy attire.  Some were alone...some were in groups.  The problem arises when I click them to see if they're worth downloading...for I happen to see some of the comments that have been left on these pieces.  Now, there were some legitimate comments about use of photos, etc. that weren't the artist's own.  Now, this is an artist's site...we should be able to use resources we find elsewhere in our art...we're not making any money off of it in most cases.  And you might find it interesting to note that NO ONE made those copyright comments on any of the FEMALE logon screens (that I found anyway, and believe me, I checked.)  Regardless, the problem lies in the fact that several guys went out of their way to click on these deviations (which, on that version of dA, enlarged the picture :p) and then write some asinine comment like "that's gay" and that was it.  There were some other, more-vicious ones attacking the image/artist.  What's sad...and REALLY boils my the fact that a LARGE part of this gallery (and I'm not exaggerating "large") is made up of mostly naked or COMPLETELY naked women.  And, of course, those NEVER receive negative comments.  This kind of crap needs to be STOPPED by the dA admins (who sometimes, it seems, are actually participating in it! >.>)  For instance,… is a very pretty/romantic/tasteful logon screen with homosexual material in it...and yet people have gone out of their way to go inside it and leave totally non-constructive comments.  First off, guys, if you're going out of your way to leave something like this, that means you've been looking a little too hard...and probably have sexuality issues yourself.  Keep them to yourself, talk with a counselor, and work it out.  Don't take out your self-loathing/homophobia on artists who do good work, here.
Another thing I've noticed (granted, I don't check it often, admitedly, but...), every time I've checked dA's front page, I've come across half/completely naked women (drawn or photographed) and that's just fine.  But, NEVER have I seen anything of the yaoi/guy-guy variety featured on the front.  Says something about our admins...cause god knows there's a MORASS of yaoi on here from which to choose...and a hell of a lot of it is REALLY well-done.
Just look through the "Windows XP Logon" section and find any shots of guys and you'll see a marked difference between the comments for the male subject works and the female ones.  I've nothing against the female ones, mind's just nice to see a FAIR balance of both genders...and no favoritism by the admins towards either.… is another example.… : "How many fags are in here? GROSS" is not the kind of mindless shlock dA admins should allow on here.  This is supposed to be a place where ARTISTS can post their ART without having to deal with crap like this.  Constructive criticism is fine...these comments are wholly NOT that.
dA admins...I don't know what your actual opinion on such things are...but you are here working to keep this site a site for ARTISTS.  Far be it from me to tell you how to do your job...but this kind of nonsense MUST cease.  I don't necessarily mean moderating comments (cause everyone has their own small opinion [myself included] and we know how opinions are).  But, when it comes to taking down work for no stated reason (or actual good one) that is predominantly of a homo/other-sexual nature...SERIOUS questions are raised.  I've seen my and my friends' galleries raided for no good reason and it makes me question your integrities.  This may prompt retributive action but this needs to be said.  I hope others who read this will feel moved to make similar protests.  This must stop...NOW.
Okay, if anyone's been reading certain submissions lately, you'd probably hate me.  Yes, I just broke up with my boyfriend.  Yes, I feel terrible about it.  I won't go into reasons why, here, but it happened.  This is not a decision hastily made and it is CERTAINLY not one I am the least bit enthused about.  I doubt you care but if anyone (especially his/our friends) wants to know why/what happened, etc., please talk with me.  I don't want lots of crap starting as it invariably does because someone wouldn't go to the source.  Forgive me if I sound dispassionate - I'm drained from this ultimately futile fight.  Anyway, I suppose the crux of this journal is to inform you of the reason for my apparent lack of activity on dA (submission-wise, anyway).  It will likely continue for a while longer.  This is regretable but many things are in this whole situation.  Do not mistake this for a plea for pity or anything like that - simply a declarative regarding a most unpleasant current situation.  As I said, if you've questions, just IM me, okay?  I don't want to lose friends or have misinformation disseminated because of this.  I'll...try and make something art-wise...soon, I guess.

Tai...I truely am sorry.

Also, if anyone thinks this whole thing is distasteful, tell me.  My emotion systems are in disarray at the moment and I'm not entirely certain if such a post is inappropriate or not.  Here's to a brighter future...for all....

dA is angrying up my blood

Wed Jun 14, 2006, 9:13 PM

Okay, I've had minor tiffs with deviantArt in the past over prints and stuff (them accepting one image but rejecting another when they were nearly identical) but this takes the cake.  I'm seriously pissed off and it didn't even happen to me!  AiShindou has been royally boned by dA...  Now, I can understand if the icons containing copyrighted video game/movie characters are removed (even though you can find a googol of others on dA containing the exact same thing that haven't been removed).  But, I cannot fathom (or abide) the dA admins removing art that is completely comprised of personal effects (people, etc.)  I mean, when the admins remove an icon containing your own fucking face, something bad is wrong.  Now, we might lose a really good artist, here, because of this utterly boneheaded move on dA's part.  Yes, he can probably find another place to post his awesome work but he shouldn't have to >.>  So, here's my formal protest and complaint being lodged against your regulations, dA. I hope you'll reconsider them...

EDIT: Okay, so the fuckwads at dA have now raped my gallery.  You know what...copyrighted material or no, if we all had to secure copyright permission for the art works on this site, there'd be less than a few hundred deviations left.  This is fucking ridiculous.  I'm sure the admins, if they read this, will have a jolly ol' time banning me completely, too, but whatever.  People make GOOD art and so what if they use images, etc. from other places.  WE'RE NOT MAKING ANY MONEY OFF IT!  I'm not even touching dA's prints policy.  So, more together and let's just freaking find another site to go to to post our artwork that ISN'T going to pull this merde on us.  And, anyone else who reads this, I wouldn't be surprised if they come after you next.  They zapped 7 of my many of yours will they atomize? >.>

If you want to see any of the ones they took down, go here:

Thanks to AiShindou for buying me a month's subscription!!  I'll have a little more niftiness coming as soon as possible ^_~

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Okay, people...I'd like your help, hyah.  I wanna make a spiffy new art piece in Bryce but I need some ideas.  I currently have a rework of "Candyland" coming but I want to do something more original, too.  So, lemme know if you can think of anything!  (Bryce is largely based on simple shapes [cube, cylinder, sphere, etc.] so bear in mind that it's harder for me to do the more organic forms until I learn harder programs.)  Thanks for any ideas! ^_^
I've submitted a number of new pieces, all of which have prints available! If there's one you'd really like done for printing that isn't already available, lemme know and I'll see what I can do! Hope you like 'em ^_^ Also, PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE since I'm not out to make a profit. So, hit me up if you are interested/have questions/requests/whatever! AIM: CaptainCEF & e-mail:

Thanks to AiShindou for my new spiffy avatar!! :)
I've submitted a number of new pieces, all of which have prints available! If there's one you'd really like done for printing that isn't already available, lemme know and I'll see what I can do! Hope you like 'em ^_^ Also, PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE since I'm not out to make a profit. So, hit me up if you are interested/have questions/requests/whatever! AIM: CaptainCEF & e-mail:

Thanks to AiShindou for my new spiffy avatar!! :)
Buy my prints!  If there's one you'd really like done for printing that isn't already available, lemme know and I'll see what I can do!  Hope you like 'em ^_^  Also, PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE since I'm not out to make a profit.  So, hit me up if you are interested!  AIM: CaptainCEF & e-mail:
I hate posting personal rants for all to see but I'm feeling really punchy and exceedingly annoyed at certain things in this wretched world.  So, I ask all of you: am I fucking nuts for hanging on to my romanticisms?!  No one else seems to be able or willing to pursue any such romantic endeavors.  They all either wanna fuck and forget or just be friends or are otherwise emotionally constipated.  Friendships are good and very important, mind you, but I'm at my wits' end with this unrequited crap.  Someone help me figure it out :-p  I know this is all emo and I absolutely despise that, but I gotta get this out before I explode.  
  Seriously, wanting someone I love to love me sneak up behind me and slip their arms around say certain things to me once in a just bloody hold me and vice-versa....these things aren't too much to ask, are they??  I mean, I'm getting to the point where I want to write an angsty poem...I BLOODY HATE POETRY! >_<  Weak.  So weak, dude.

</distress signal>
Hey, guys!  If there's a piece on here you'd like rendered at a different resolution, let me know and I'll fire it up and send you one.  Just IM me at the SN listed for my DeviantArt member name.  Hope you like them!