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When I'm in doubt of what I'm doing and I'm not sure about the next step to take I always ask..... W.W.D.D.?

"What Would DOOM Do?"

Lets make some rubber bracelets for that shit!

Here's the original template
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Excellent!! I've never bothered to think or wonder how Doom would look from this angle!! Great work!!
GojiraMon's avatar
Doom is all that is required for inspiration. Doom is genius, power, and noble. Nice choice.
BurningwoodM's avatar
LMAFO, oh that's good.
MKCritic's avatar
That's a very detailed mask. How did you acquire it?
enemyian's avatar
Damn, man. So many artists and styles that influence you.
Ashley3wl's avatar
"Doom considers this worthy enough to be posted in his Hall of DOOM!"
... That's what Doom would say.
pzana's avatar
There is no need for further inspiration when you have Doom on your side.
thelyrical's avatar
This is so fucking awesome :XD:
bnance's avatar
"DOOM....not to be confused with nobody"
JesseAcosta's avatar
Too bad that dipshit from Nip Tuck played him in those god-awful movies. Oh well.
sehika's avatar
you juz won the internet. >.<..
hahahhaha. simply Epic. xD.
CLE2's avatar
hahahahaah W.W.D.D. bracelets
nullunit's avatar
Doom the great!
CdubbArt's avatar
lol. that's just all kinds of awesome. 8-)
Iced-Wings's avatar
Absalom7's avatar
amazing idea ^^
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