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I'm holding a contest from today until the end of August worth points and premium memberships.

Details: It doesn't matter if you use pencil, CG, what-have-you, as long as it's a form of art. You can draw chibi, or fullbody characters, it doesn't matter as long as you're applying to enter.


-No flaming others
-Be respectful and mindful of these rules
-You can enter as many times as you want, (different art.)
-Spread this contest around as much as possible?
-Let me know if you don't understand something about a character and I'll try to elaborate.
-Send me a Note telling me who/what you plan on drawing and also that you'd like to enter.
-Comment on here if you feel like giving feedback.
-Keep in mind that the character descriptions, as in- the character itself, is (c) me. Don't steal them~

-The only requirement for an entry is to draw at least ONE character. You do not have to draw them all

1st Place: 12 Month Premium Membership, 750 Points
2nd Place: 6 Months Premium Membership, 250 Points
3rd Place: 1 Month Premium Membership, 100 Points
4th Place: 1000 Points
5th Place: 500 Points
6th Place: 250 Points

- Melody (Seed Shop): Upon entering the building a pink haired girl, (shoulder length,) approaches you- laying her sheer blue eyes on your figure. She's wearing a white skirt that have light blue frills on the sleeves and bottom. Her skin is slightly tanned, but mostly pale. She greets you with a charming smile and invites you in.

Markus (Weapon Shop): The smell of steel and several other metals floats lazily around this place as you enter. A man clad in blue overalls and a brown apron stands near the front counter inspecting a sharp sword. His hair is dirty blond- and his face is rough with blonde hairs adorning his upper lip- a thick but small sized mustache, if you will. His brown eyes gaze upon the edges of the blade from top to bottom, inspecting everything about it. Upon hearing the door close from your arrival, he places the sword down on a nearby anvil and focuses his attention on you.

- Lawrence (Doctor): The soft smell of sterilyzing alcohol whafts into your nostrils as you enter the infirmary. Soft white curtains adorn the windows, a few standard twin beds adorn the sides of the building. After not seeing anyone around at first- you call out, "Hello? Is anyone there?" A stack of books slide over and fall onto the ground in the back right part of the building. A middle aged man groans, "Awh damnit, I just organized those." He finally notices you and smiles out of embarressment. He's a tall slender man, complete with medium-length white hair that seems to be everywhere- his torso covered by a typical white lab coat with a few ink smudges along the sleeves. Beneath the lab coat, he's wearing black and white pin-striped pants, they baggily lay over his black dress shoes, which are slightly scuffed up. He may be a doctor, but it also looks like he doesn't mind getting a bit dirty in the process of his research in medicine. "May I help you?" The man asks his dark green eyes inspecting you- "Oh, sorry, I'm Lawrence, it's a pleasure to meet you." He says, crossing his arms in front of him."

- Sabrina (Bartender): Evening finally sets upon Kazoku, and the Blue Moon Inn opens. You enter the double-doored entrance and make your way back to the bar. The smell of cooking meat and strong liquor eminate from the grill in the back. A female in her twenties is working the bar- she's a blunette, (blue hair,) that goes past her shoulders. At current while working her hair is tied up in a ponytail, but a few strands of her bangs sits dangling into her face. She has bright pink iris' that you notice as she gazes upon you entering the bar. Her bust is bigger than average- though her slender curves make up for that. She's wearing a white apron atop a forearm-lengthed light blue shirt. Black thigh high stockings run up her legs meeting a black skirt. She has black flats that adorn her feet with rose adornments near the toes. "Hi there, can I get you something?" She asks- looking you up and down as she dries a mug. "Oh- you're the new person in town, welcome!" She says with a bright smile.

- Nancy (Librarian): Kazoku Library- there a plenty of books here for you as the player to read through. Though only a few of them are of any importance. As you walk in, you notice a long-blond haired girl putting away some books using a ladder to reach the top of the high bookcases. She's wearing a pink-thin jacket, and a long dark pink skirt. The sleeves of her jacket look huge in comparison to her small frame- she looks to be no older than 15- but you know that anyone actually working in the town is probably around 18 or older. -She quickly notices your footsteps throughout the quiet library and turns around to look at you atop the ladder. A soft smile adorns her pale face- her sheer ice-blue iris gazing up you, "Hello there~ I'm Nancy, feel free to stay as long as you'd like, we have plenty of things to read here." And with that, she returns to placing books back onto the shelves.

- Axel (General Store): The store itself is small in stature when viewed from outside, however when you walk inside you find yourself immersed in a world full of many mysterious items and trinkets that look like they've been gathered from all across Chaotic Mainlands. At first, you just assume that all of these things are purely asthetic in nature and of no use- however, upon further inspection- you realize that a good number of these things could be of significant use to you now or sometime in the future. After walking around the shop for awhile, you're greeted by a long red-haired man who introduces himself as Axel. He's clad in a plaid long-sleeve button up shirt and typical black slacks. He tells you to take your time in the shop and to let him know if you need help with anything.

- Clark (Armour shop): Oh the armour shop- the one-stop destination for all things protection. As you walk in, the light from a nearby window shines onto a shiny piece of armour which gleams brightly into your eyes. After adjusting yourself from the light, you realize that you've come to the right place when it comes to quality and sheen for armour. A tall short-haired-brown headed guy by the name of Clark smiles as you and welcomes you into the shop- he's currently polishing a piece of armour atop a stand. Clark has light green eyes, and is seen wearing a light purple shirt, brown pants with suspenders, and your typical run of the mill boots.

- Nick (Lumberjack): As you approach the lumberjacks' hut- you hear the heavy sounds of an axe splintering and slicing through wood. The sound is dull at first, but as walk around back- the sound becomes loud. You're now privy to a sight unlike one you've seen before, this large man known as Nick is chopping wood left and right as if he were cutting through butter, all without even breaking a sweat. Nick himself is wearing a tight-fitted grey tank top, and a faded black vest over top of it- which is unzipped. He's also clad in worn pants, as though they've been used for work for several years. He's got mid-length black hair which is tied up into a ponytail. He places the head of the axe on the ground and turns to face you, "How can I help you- youngster?" He says pridefully.

- John Neumann (Mayor): The mayors' house in Kazoku is one of the largest in the town, multiple stories- plenty of land that even runs into a lake further down on the trails. On days that he's not working and taking some time off- he can be seen lounging in a thin blue and white pin-striped button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up- brown suspenders running from the brim of his pants up to his shoulders. He's got grey and white hair that is typically very kempt and tidy. He might be wearing dark brown slacks one day and then regular blue ones the next. Once in awhile in can be seen dressing up in a suit mixed with whites and reds here and there- but overall, he still has an air of responsibility and hardship around him at all times. Rumor has it that underneath his house there's a large liquor stock- but no one has been down there to confirm.

- April (Adventurer): April has long black hair which she either let's down- or will tie up in a quickly done ponytail. She has heterchromic eyes- one is sheer blue, while the other is a deep yellow. She's an adventurer, and can often be seen wearing a light plate armour and duel wielding broad swords. When she's just being casual- she wears a long sleeve black shirt with her hip armour/frilled skirt. Her skin color is pale- has a medium sized bust. She's around medium height.

- Tsashi (One of the Protagonists): REF:…
His hair is white; eyes are heterochromic- one is black, one is white. His skin is pale, with maybe one or two spots on his body that may be slightly taned.
The clothing underneath that large vest-like robe is a skin tight black shirt. An ornate white and blue design decorates the edges of his robe.
He wields two long katana, either out- or in their sheaths on his hip. He wears black cargo pants- bloused near the top of his black boots.

-SGT S. (Need to ask me something- do it in my comments, here, inbox me- or my forums at the link way above.)

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  • Watching: Anime
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  • Eating: DFAC Food
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