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June 9, 2012
How to Live with Introverts by *SVeidt
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How to Live with Introverts (PDF available!)

I thought a lot of folks out there could benefit from learning how to with introverted people.
I drove my ex crazy by being introverted. He thought that I was being "distant" and "purposely ignoring him as part of a passive-aggressive power play". Here I was just enjoying his company without talking.

German translation:…

Chinese translation:

Polish translation:…

Print for sale:…

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Meteorofbullshit's avatar
so basically do the cat thing, offer food and stuff and dont make sudden closing movements o<o
WridianGrey's avatar
I thought the same thing. It's probably why introverts are more likely to be cat people, our interaction styles are naturally compatible.
The-Darkwolf's avatar
:D  Reminds me of the "Finnish Nightmares" cartoons....…
ainjeluv's avatar
This is perfect; it fits me on so many levels. I'm sharing this with all my friends and family and will do my best to save up for your book!
SpookWriter's avatar
That guy in the cool jacket isn’t an introvert. Try instead drawing an overweight or underweight girl with buzz cut green hair that’s unrealistically pale and reads anime during gym class. Yeah, that’s more realistic.
Nah! The introvert lives in an entire universe, minus 7 billion hamster balls with people inside them.
Raphsgirl113's avatar
Okay. Now I KNOW I’m an introvert!😁
Noturfavorite's avatar
The Greatest guides of living in introverts I've ever seen 

DrakeHensley's avatar
As an introvert I 100% approve of this and all extroverts should read it XD great job!
Noirth's avatar
The last part tho 😆 

That's not hugging, it's choking! Although good work too clap remake 1b 
CamerynTheCat's avatar
Wow. This gives people the guide to interacting with me :P
Flauschi-Fipsi's avatar
Oh how i see myself in this. Im an extremly introverted person and I am scared to talk to people, except my parents and my grandmother. All others think im an arrogant, cold bitch ,but im just so scared:( (Sad) 
GlamourGoth89's avatar
so cute! lol i usually do hiss on the inside when personal space is invaded, especially by someone I don't like! lol
HeatmanMK-III's avatar
Please, i need a hug.
CMG-simplestuff's avatar
I need to share this

(No one really knows im there though)
Ocxin's avatar
You know, introverts always get the short end of the stick in many stories,
as they're usually potrayed as some kind of jerk who just doesn't want to get along,
and at the end, they learn to "fit in", which just ends up as a disturbing and forced personality change.
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